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Restoration Questions Archive Page 1 is a compilation of older questions for your perusal.

While these question may have been resolved any additional information is always welcome.

And by scrolling through them you might find answers that wold resolve any questions you may have.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good tough bottom coat for a wooden hull that gets moved on and off the trailer several times a month.

Anyone know of someone in the Newport, OR. area who could repair Valerie's Navarro canoe?

Any suggestions on how to repair a crack in the transom of a 16ft wood lapstrake cat boat?

Should Robert calk or install a 5200 bottom on his 1958 Chris Craft?

What's the best way to store a cedar strip rowing boat?

Mike has a problem with some of the oak ribs of his 1960 Pennyan 17 runabout separating and the hull sagging.

Jon has a question about caulking his 930 Richardson "Little Giant"

sailing canoe
Eric got this boat out of a friend's barn and is planning to restore her.
He would love to get any information to help him identify her.

Jim wants to know why his Old Town 16.5' Lapstrake loses control and starts to cavitate at < 20 mph?

Sarah B
Susan is seeking your experiences and any info, re getting insurance on an old Woodie.

Worried Wooden Boaty Woman wants to know if she can x-ray the bottom of her wooden boat that is coated with epoxy, etc.?

Jake would like to know about aligning the transmission and prop shaft on his '56 Century.

14 foot "Little Rangeley" handmade in Maine by RKL boat works
Barbara would like to know if this beautiful wood boat is in a good enough shape to sell?

Jay has a problem with the steering on his 1927 Chris Craft.

Daniel wants to know if he should paint under the motor of his 1970 38ft Trojan?

What are the steps for keel replacement on a 14 ft LOA wooden center board sailboat?

Gull sailing dinghy
What is the best way for Simon to fix up his leaking, 11' wooden, Gull sailing Dinghy?

7' Hughes Sportster Dinghy
Should Michael sell for restoration or create a planter with this 7' Hughes Sportster Dinghy?

1967 Pacemaker 31 Flybridge Sedan Cruiser.

Can Dan replace a Mahogany plank on his 1967 Pacemaker 31 Flybridge Sedan Cruise. with Iron wood, Maple, Ash, White Oak, or Birch?

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gaff rigTerry wants to know how to remove the long crease from the front of the gaff to the end of the boom on "Menehune's" gaff rig?

John is looking for info on a 14-16ft Cedar Klinker built 1948-50 boat sold by T. Eaton's Catalog?

Maurice's 65 Thompson that has been out of water for 5+ years and is leaking, how long will she need to 'take up'?

Bill would welcome advice on repairing "Laura", a 1963 Chris Craft Constellation 42.

1965 Owens Tahitian
Can anyone help William with a small wiring situation on his 1965 Owens Tahitian???

petersonGlynn is bringing his 25 ft white oak hulled day boat into a warehouse for the next few years to work on it. 

Should he worry about the lack of humidity?

Got any restoration advice for Eric who is buying his first wooden boat, a 50' Chris Craft Constellation?

robert clark cutter

What is the best way to achieving a good bond between western red cedar that has an oily feel to it and plywood?

Dave is looking for 1960s Chris Craft Connies with hull numbers in the same range as his own Connie.

Can anyone help Kathryn to identify the boat she is planning to purchase?

Can anyone help Roger with instructions on how to set up a QME (Quantock Marine Enterprises) wind vane self-steering gear?

Can anyone help Eric decipher the ID numbers on his 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine?

Bill wants advice on how to repair clinker planks.

More Woodboat Restoration Questions Archive

David wants advice on storing his 1954 Chris Craft Holiday in his boathouse.

Steve has a query about taking his wooden Folkboat out of the water annually to comply with his insurance policy.

Any advice on fitting out the cabin on Bill's clinker built, ex-onboard lifeboat will be put to good use.

Should Bill use "fresh sawn or dry" timber to replace planks on his clinker built, ex-on board lifeboat?

more woodboat restoration questions

Brian wants advice on how to repair/replace the keel of his Chris Craft Cavalier that has hogged.

JR is looking for the best information/advice to make his own Mast to Hoops

1948 twin screw cruiser built by W. Lee & Son

I have the number from the boat how do I research registration?

Can anyone help Jason with information about his 1948 Baycraft 16' runabout?

Or any information on the history of Baycraft boats from the Oakland area of California?
More Woodboat Restoration Questions Archive

Roger has a 1960s Grand Banks 32 that needs refastening not because of obvious problems but because it's been 40 years.

Is it acceptable, to simply put new screws in without disturbing the old fastenings?

Robert Clark, Classic Long Keel Cutter

This superb Robert Clark, Classic Long Keel Cutter, "Right Royal" has a problem with rot around her double screwed plank fixings.

Jim wants advice on how to replace the bottom rudder brackets on his Pacemaker.

Dennis wants to know how to tie the short frames to the keel along the centerboard trunk of the 26' Monomoy whaleboat he is restoring?

Adrian has a question about restoring the pine decks on "Enola" his 1928 50 foot motor cruiser.

Cap Ben bulkhead compass

Stuart from Cape Town, South Africa would like advice on restoring a Cap Ben Bulkhead Compass.


Will removing the cabin top affect the structural strength of Manos' plywood on frame boat.

How long can Jimbo leave his 59 cc Seaskiff in the water before he needs to worry about an infestation of toredo worms?

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What kind of plywood would have been originally used to build Shawna's 1956 Trojan SeaQueen?

Richard is looking for information about his 1957 Youngquist Power Boat

Dylan in Australia is having problems with leaks on his 44" glass reinforced ply x fishing charter boat.

How to refasten a partially detached plank on a 21'converted double ended Maltese fishing Luzzu?

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Where can David find the serial numbers on his 1957 Chris Craft Holiday?

And would the Chevy 400 motor have been the original equipment?

Marlene has a problem with a split beam under the cabin top.

martin 24

Kyle is looking for info on his 60's vintage Martini 24 swing keel sloop
50ft Hybrid Canadian canoe.

Lawrence wants to know what the best options are for replacing the wooden rails on this 50ft Hybrid canoe.

How long can a wood hull be out before "major" restoration is needed?


Should Will keep scraping and prime before repainting the old, hard, copper paint with fresh, copper bottom paint?

Can the center board of a Culler Buzzards Bay Sloop be lifted out of its housing while still in the water?

Jim wants advice on replacing bottom planks on his 44 foot Flashdeck Pacemaker "Adria"

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60s Milkraft Trawler
Vern is looking for advice on replacing the old rudder support on his 60s 'Milkraft Trawler'.
Or a publication that would detail the building of same.
1944 83' Coast Guard Cutter

What is the best way to seal the decks of "Alliance", a 1944 83' Coast Guard Cutter, before the winter and rains start?

restoration project boat

Can anyone help Rich to identify the make of his project boat?

What to do with John's 1966 Century Resorter's soft bottom?

Does anyone know where Ed can purchase a 6 volt bilge pump?

What is the best way to remove and support a 16ft 1957 Carver boat off her trailer and on to dry land?

Why are there black stripes showing between the boards on the sides of a Triple Cockpit Chris-Craft?

14 ft runnabout
Anyone have any idea what Mike has here? He bought the boat just for the 1950s Mercury and hardware but has now fallen in love with her.
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Can anyone help Jeremy to identify his boat, could it be a Petterson?

Can anyone give Brian any suggestions as to obtaining grants or funding for restoring an historic vessel?

What is the purpose of a Wormshoe and does it need to be made of wood asks Larry?

Can anyone help Jim trace this "Truscan" (?) Express Cruiser and/or discover any history of her manufacture.

A question about using glycol ethylene as a treatment for wood rot.

Anyone got any ideas or links for tried and tested drawings of Timber Window and Frame ideas for Ben's Wooden Boat restoration?

Would 3 by 2 inch mahogany be strong enough as replacement stringers asks Ben in Ireland?

How do I replace little "deck" piece in the bow of a 13 foot dinghy asks Les from Ontario Canada.

What is the correct method for repairing a cracked Rib asks Ben in Ireland?

40ft 1922 British Admiralty built Burmese teak on oak boat

Should Ben oil the weathered teak on his 40ft 1922 British Admiralty built Burmese teak on oak boat before repainting?

Would Zeb's 50's "Sea Babe" have originally had an inboard engine?

Should Matt restore his father's two 1949 "Century Sea Maids" before trying to sell them?

Scotty is looking for information on his 40ft ketch that he has been told is a "Westlawn Grey-Dawn series."

Advice need on how to replace the canvass top on a 

1930 Elco Crusette.

Is there anyone in the Sonoma, California area who does restoration work?

Is it OK to use a belt sander on a cedar hull?

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Should the proper tension for all the stays (forestay, shrouds, backstay) on a wooden boat be less than for a similar fiberglass sailboat?

Carl in Milwaukee wants to know if it's OK to transfer his boat from Salt water to fresh water.


Alan in Wilmington needs to replace the bottom of "Salty" his Harkers Island Net Boat.

Should he use plywood and then glass the hull to make her suitable for trailering?

Woodboat Restoration Questions Archive

Allan in W Australia would welcome any suggestions as to the best way to re-varnish the wooden flooring in his yacht.

How can Greg N.S.W. Australia, make a sea worthy repair to a hole in his Fireball's Hull

How can Eric cut out and replace the rot in a strip planked 16 foot Titmouse sailboat.

1965 31' Wooden Trojan Cruiser

Can anyone help with information on original finish and furnishing for a Wooden 'Trojan' possibly a 'Sea Breeze' or a 'Voyager'?

Ron is looking for advice about wooden boats.

Is caring for and maintaining a wooden boat really as expensive and time consuming as glass boat owners say it is?

1956 Helton Runabout.

Thomas in Atlanta GA needs some advice on how to get his 1956 Helton Runabout lake ready.

Woodboat Restoration Questions Archive

Has anyone any information on a blue membrane material used between hulls on old Chris Crafts?

Bocci would like some advice and suggestions about caulking the deck seams of his Chris Craft runabout.

Keith is wondering if it's better to sail his 1960's classic wooden yacht her over the winter or lift her out.


What would be the effect of placing too many zinc anodes on this vessel?
merron dinghy

The "Merron" Dinghy

Does anyone have any knowledge of this design?

Stan is looking for help as to where to start restoring his 1976 Stauter-Built 14' "Cedar Point Special".

Dan Kidney 18 foot Rowboat Gunwales, one-piece or scarfed, painted or varnished?

Rob's 1956 Chris-Craft 16 foot Cavalier inboard utility is in need of restoration.

What is the best way to do it right?

Woodboat Restoration Questions Archive

How should Cap'n George winterize his 1962 30 foot Owens Empress Cruiser?

Has anybody any experience of sailing a bermundan rigged Norwegian Troll?

Tom has just bought 58 Chris Craft 17' Sportsman, it is his first wooden boat and he would like some advice.

Are there any good, step-by-step, boat restoration, DVD's or Book/Manuals.

And are there boat scrap yards that sell second-hand boat interiors.

How much does a 1954 Chris Craft 20' Riviera Runabout weigh?

Does anyone know of any welcoming DIY Yards in Minnesota, near Minneapolis, where Gillian can work on a wooden trawler?

How do I join plywood for a small yacht cabin top asks Stuart form Cape Town?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of "Gypsy Jean" a 36foot, ex Canadian Police Patrol Boat, reg. 3221d.

Is there anyone in the Blacksburg-Roanoke Virginia area who could help William restore his 1953 Wolverine Wagemaker?

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