Rib Seperation

by Mike
(New England)

I just purchased a 1960 pennyan 17 runabout with an outboard.

The boat has been sitting on a trailer with the interior removed,for about ten years.

The boat now seams to be sagging.

By this ,I mean ,some of the oak ribs seemed to be separating from the one of the three main sleepers.

Any suggestions on how to reshape bottom so I can re attache?


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Sounds like hogging ?
by: Harry

Without some more detailed description it`s hard to say if your hull has " hogged " or not.

The culprit is usually a trailer that does not fully support the hull along it`s length.Full length " bunks " ( a longitudinal supports to closely fit the hull )should be used for wooden trailer boats , not rollers ).

New ribs should be either " sistered " along side the bad ones , or repaired ( sometimes they can be laminated in place using thinner wood in layers , with epoxy ) and new rivets inserted.

Pictures would help a lot.

Good luck Mike.

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