Readers Tips by and for Wooden Boat Owners

This is a collection of readers tips sent in by wooden boaters, tips on saving time and money, from the tried and tested to modern methods and materials.

Wooden boaters are a canny lot, every day people are working out new or easier ways to do something.

Every day new products become available, some from totally unrelated fields but which are useful to the wooden boater.

But sometimes it is the little known traditional methods that are best.



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How to stop water from splashing up the centerboard trunk of a dinghy.

It may involve stealing from your children/grandchildren.

Drilling a clean holeI find that when drilling into wood with either an auger or a spade bit, if you run it in reverse till the cutters score the wood it helps in making a clean cut hole.

 I like the scrap wood idea but sometimes I have trouble with the alignment

From William in Boston, MA.

Readers Tips

Sometime even the most simple idea is the perfect solution to a problem.

But all too often the simple idea is the one that gets overlooked.

This is especially true in this era of so called 'hi tec' solutions to everything and highly advertised solutions to problems that we previously didn't know we had.

Over the centuries wooden boat builders have developed many simple ingenious solutions to the craft of building wooden boats, unfortunately many of these have been lost or overlooked.

And there are others that the craftsman takes for granted but which aren't known to or so obvious to the amateur builder.

So, if you have anything at all that you think is worth passing on to others this is the place to post it.

And on behalf of future readers I thank you for taking the time to pass on your readers tips.

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