Epoxy Removal from Skin

by BobBill

I have been reading comments on Sailing Anarchy that Acetone is a good means to remove epoxy as it is naturally produced by the human body.

I have used vinegar with success, carefully rinsing tools and skin...not so sure white vinegar is not a solvent type, meaning it would pass through skin in some proportion.

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Wear Gloves
by: Cal

This works good, old fashioned flake salt, good olive oil, you can add seaweed.

It's an old remedy but cost a fortune if you get it at a cosmetic counter.

But it’s cheap to make and replaces the needed oil you may strip with toxic cleaners.

When you’re done with it give it to your wife.

It removes dead skin and they say if you rub it dally on cellulite it goes away.

But if you wish to stay clean stick to wood.

by: Anonymous


by: Mac

Washing up liquid and sugar makes an effective
abrasive if nothing else is available, a dab of E45 or other hand cream afterward is beneficial.

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