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Almost done building my 18 ft cruiser.
How do I get it from its cradle on the garage floor onto a trailer?

Will commercial plywood hold up after coating it with fiberglass and west system epoxy?

What is the best way to attach the stringers to the frames of a replica of a 16' Garwood speedster?

Can anyone advise Paul how to make a level frame for a new deck hatch on a curved deck?

Margin/Cover Boards, How to, Tips, Please.

Ben would like some tips, on how to shape the Margin/Cover Boards on his 12'runabout, Please.

Does anyone have an AutoCAD file to layout the PM-38 design.

Klaus would like your opinion on whether a 25 HP outboard engine really enough for the Sea Rover he is building?

Klaus wants to know if anybody sees a major problem with enlarging the "Sea Rover".

Melanie would like a critique of her boat plans

David is looking for some thoughts on building a houseboat before he starts building the pontoons in the next week or so.

Sea Rover
Can anyone help Gerold with pictures and details about finishing the "Sea Rover" that he is building.


Johnathan accidently cut into his rotary steering, will it still work alright?

Ron wants to know if there is a boat building firm in the US that would be prepared help him build a 22ft “Shilling”.

Summer Breeze

Kevin wants advice on altering the sail plan and using a dagger board on the David Beede "Summer Breeze" he is building.

Mike has a question about the way dimensions are shown in the offsets.

Can Richard layer 2 woven fiberglass with 1 carbon fiber (on top) together or does he need to stay with the same on 3 layers?

cat boat

Zach and his daughter would like some advice on building a Cat Boat

Does anybody have any simple plans to build a 35' to 40' wooden trimaran?

Tbone wants to know your thoughts on using green wood to build a house boat.

What boat should Bob build for his grandsons to learn sailing on?

Will "Coat It" work as good as a skid plate?

David would like suggestions on building a 12ft wooden boat to take his heavy outboard.

More woodboat building questions

Dave would appreciate advice on building a radar mast/post for a 20 foot open cockpit runabout.

How can Eric install wooded rails on the upper portion of his 14 ft Amesbury Dory?

Captain Hugo Captain Hugo is looking for advice about using “PP Honeycomb Plascore” to build a dinghy.

Jon is about to build a PM 38 and wants to know what common types wood readily available.

Roger would appreciate advice on how easy or otherwise it would be to get planking to confirm to the curves, especially the bottom planking towards the bow.

And whether there is any significant advantage in the orientation of the planking in one direction as compared to the other.

wooden boat

Zach has question about the Bolger Dory Type V he is building for his daughter.


Don has a simple question about installing the rowlock sockets on the edge of a wooden rowboat.

More woodboat building questions

Anas wants to know "what exactly is deck crown?"

Woodboat building question; how can a 10ft boat be build using 8ft plywood sheets?

Tom is looking for information on a Biplane throat stepped junk rig for the Wharram Tiki 38 he is building.

Should Bob use some kind of bedding / sealant under the fittings on the plywood optimist pram he is building?

 Chester is getting ready to purchase the wood bottom planks for his DIY utility boat and would like suggestions for the plank width.

Brett wants some advice about building amas for his kayak for sailing.


Don would appreciated any advice concerning the joint between the thwarts and the supporting risers on the ten foot, wooden rowboat he is building.

Should Mike use acrylic or lexan to make a portlight for his forward hatch?

More woodboat building questions >>>



woodboat building questions

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Previous Posts


Sitka Spruce for mast 
Having no luck finding Kiln dried Sitka Spruce to build a mast for my sail boat. Anyone have any advice?

Any sources for custom wood boat plans? 
Hi all, I want to build around a 24' wood speedboat. I want it to have that classic wood look but I want the shape much more modern like a Kaiser …

Amazo Jungle River Boat  
Hello, In the Amazon Jungle they build boats with nails, tar and overlapping boards. I am trying to build a boat that has waterproofing as the boats …

From garage floor to trailer 
Almost done building my 18 ft cruiser. How to get it from its cradle on the garage floor onto a trailer? I can get it out of the garage I think, …

very cheap DIY small singlehanded sailboat 
sir, amateur boat builders can tackle two problems in one stroke: reduce the cost to a minimum and sail a boat as attractive and simple as a Laser, …

Wood for boat building 
Hello, I have built a boat using commercial plywood and coated it with one layer of epoxy, I still have not finished the coats but my question is will …

Melonseed Restoration/ 3rd party  
Hi, I am considering buying a Melonseed which is being restored. Pics showed old paint flaking off the underside of a wide strip planked hull. …

Stringer attachment 
I am building a replica of a 16' Garwood speedster and trying to find the best way to attach the stringers to the frames. The original stringers were …

I'm looking for a good wood trim to use on a 20' fiberglass power boat. 
I'm looking for a good wood trim to use on a 20' fiberglass power boat. It will need to be able to be bent leading op to the bow. Also any suggestions …

Sand blasted hull 
Unfortunately a previous owner had the hull of a 14 foot clinker RNSA sailing dinghy sand blasted to remove old paint. It has been quite aggressive …

New deck hatch in curved deck 
Can anyone advise me how to make a level frame for a new deck hatch on a curved deck? (Video says much more than a thousand word :-) )

Flotation for 20' 1/2" wooden skiff 
2019 20'-1/2" wooden Carolina style skiff. Open concept with a 25hp OB. My question; is flotation required? I have read plenty of material including …

My Grandaddy's boat 
Hey y'all. My Grandaddy used to build boats. He & his brother had several boats that he built out of wood for their business, which was taking fishing …

Margin/Cover Boards, How to, Tips, Please. 
Hi there, I am about to work on my Margin boards on my 12'runabout. I am wondering what the best way to scribe the shape is? And what's the best/easiest …

Super Sap vs West 
I have been trying to do some research about which resin/hardener combo to use on a diy plywood canoe. The west 105/205 combo seems to be the most …

1976 Celebrity Restoration 
Have found a project boat for the winter. My main concern is, should I need to replace any wood how can I determine what type of wood is needed? …

How to make Scarf  
I have a 51 foot Sitka Spruce Mast off a 38 foot Choey Lee Sloop (1979). The mast is original and still in good shape. The bottom 9" has become …

splining hardwood planks 
I have an old yellow stringy hull, been dry 10 years, 40 ft, inch planks, hard chine, chine needs splines to close gaps for caulking. Need to spline …

PM-38 MADE OF Military Grade FIBERGLASS SHEETS Jet-Boat! 
I am well on my way to build two of these style boats with a jet-ski engine as apposed to an outboard. My fiberglass is from a military runway repair …

build swing out opening wood windows 
I would like to build wood windows that open at the bottom to replace the fixed aluminum windows. The helm is hot in the summer. These are the front windows …

Enlarging the Sea Rover 
Hi Fellows, after building successfully a couple of smaller boats (mainly ethnic maori canoes) on Majorca I dare to start building the Sea Rover in …

Melanie would like a critique of her boat plans 
Hello! Lately I have been working on a design for a 8' sailing digney and I would like some advice before I go any further. I wanted to make a small …

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