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More woodboat building questions

More woodboat building questions


Don would appreciated any advice concerning the joint between the thwarts and the supporting risers on the ten foot, wooden rowboat he is building.

Should Mike use acrylic or lexan to make a portlight for his forward hatch?

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woodboat building questions

New for 2018

While the original system
worked quite well as a one-off post, it didn’t allow for updating or
posting new photographs etc.

That is why I have
introduced the new Wood
Boat Net

It is designed to put you
in control of your content, make it easier to for you to tell us about
your Wooden Boat, upload photos etc. and most of all post updates as
and when you wish to.

Does anyone have pictures or understand how to make the Crescent centerboard hanger? 
Im planning my summer boatbuilding project and thought the Crescent was a great start, but I can't understand the instructions and diagrams for the centerboard …

How do you build a bow for a Pelican boat (1906)? 
Building a sail boat called "the Pelican" and I'm having a hard time lining up the chine, sheer and stringers to the bow, as in the strips of wood aren't …

What kind of boat is this? 
We found this boat in a field abandon the other day and we were thinking about getting permission from the state to claim it and take it home. We have …

I have a wooden sailboat with a cracked transom. I have two choices: 1) remove the old transom and replace it; 2) patch the original transom with …

Canoe plans 
Where would I find plans for a strip plank canoe 15'+/- 38 to 40 inch beam. Similar to the old Mansfield or the Osprey.

Skin on frame catboat? 
Hello DIYhard boat builders! I'm back again with another question. Last summer my daughter and I built the Bolger dory and much rowing ensued. …

How to build a simple Trimaran 
Does anybody have any simple plans to build a 35' to 40' wooden trimaran? I am in the Philippines, so am limited with rigging and sailing gear. …

Plascore for building a dinghy 
I built a 10 ft dinghy from marine plywood to plans and it is fast, stable and strong. But it turned out to be too heavy. Now considering building …

woodboat building questions