Plascore for building a dinghy

by Captain Hugo
(Langkawi Island)

I built a 10 ft dinghy from marine plywood to plans and it is fast, stable and strong.

But it turned out to be too heavy.

Now considering building exactly the same design with the composite material known as PP Honeycomb Plascore but have no experience with this.

Can anyone please enlighten me regarding methods of joining sections and whether the whole boat needs encapsulating with fibreglass after construction.

Any advice or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Where can I find more details about this and/or similar light and strong composite building materials?

You may also email me directly at:

Captain Hugo

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by: Michael

Sorry Hugo,

I don’t know anything about this material apart from the video and the other stuff on the web which you have no doubt already found.

I looked it up as your question had me intrigued.

The thing that worried me about the video was that he was having to strengthen the Plascore with both Kevlar and glass cloth.

It looks to me as though the material may be fine as a core but it doesn’t, on its own, have the strength, stiffness or elasticity of plywood.

And all that cloth and resin will add considerably to the weight and the cost.

Yes, ‘peanut butter’ is thickened epoxy, that is how most instructions describe the desired consistency.

by: Hugo

Thanks Michael, I had seen the brief video as it seems to be the only one around.

But still I have questions:

What is "peanut butter" - epoxy glue and sawdust??

How do we keep the panels in place before glueing?

Can Plascore handle the stitch n glue method?

Do you know the average price for a sheet 8 ft x 4ft? Cheers,

by: Michael

plascore for building
by: Cal

If you go to hightec light weight and bullet prof navel boats on YouTube Denmark they do a boat from start to Finnish good luck.

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