by Mike

The line drawing dimensions in 'DRIFT BOATS AND RIVER DORIES' are stated as; O-6-2 AND 10-1-6 OR 13-0-2.

Can someone crack this code for me please?

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by: John Sheen

Not wishing to confuse the issue or to disagree with Mike's basic accurate information, but the offsets are always to the INSIDE OF PLANKING.

Therefore the measurements for the moulds/frames outside of hull would not work on clinker/lapstrake.


by: MIKE


by: Mike

This is how the dimensions are often given in the offsets for the position of a point on the outside of the hull at a ‘station’.

Traditionally the numbers refer to "feet" - "inches" - "eighths of an inch.
So your O-6-2 = 0ft + 6inch + 2/8 (6 and 1/4 inches).
10-1-6 = 10ft + 1 inch + 3/8 inch,
13-0-2. = 13ft + 0 inch + 1/4 (2/8)inch.

Just to complicate things, if there is a + or a – after the last number that means you should add or subtract 1/16 of an inch from the last number.

So if your 0-6-2 had a + sign after it, it would work out as 6inch + 5/16inch.

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