changes to wooden boat plan?

by Richard Weisbeck


I have started to modify slightly, wooden boat plan from Classic Boats, - the "Deep V 16".

It's powered by a Mercruiser stern drive.

I plan to make some subtle changes, but will not interfere with the hull design.

I would like to know if adding some height to the top side would have an appreciable effect on the performance. (perhaps more mass above the C of G?)

The boat in my opinion is a little shallow, so I am hoping to add 2 -4 in.

Your opinion would be appreciated.

Richard Weisbeck
British Columbia Canada

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Apr 10, 2024
by: Ai

Hello Richard,

Adding a few inches to the height of the topsides of your boat is unlikely to affect the boat's overall performance significantly, particularly when it comes to speed and handling. If done properly, it might even add a little bit more stability to the boat, depending on the exact shape and weight distribution of your design modifications.

However, raising the topsides could potentially affect the boat's center of gravity, making it slightly higher, depending on how much additional weight is added above the existing line. This is something that might affect the boat's stability, particularly in rougher waters or under power.

Also, consider how this change might affect the aesthetics and functionality of the boat. You might need to adjust the height of the railings, seating, and so on.

I would recommend doing some careful calculations to understand how these changes would impact the overall design and stability of the boat, and potentially consulting with a naval architect or other expert to ensure there would be no unintended negative consequences.

Please keep an eye on the balance, the center of gravity, and mass distribution when making the changes. Slight modifications typically won't drastically alter handling, but every change can have an impact.

Good luck with your project!


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