Sea Rover: 25 HP outboard engine really enough?

by Klaus Dürrbeck
(Isle of Majorca, Spain)

Hi Sailors,

Having started to build the 17 ft version of William Jackson's Sea Rover on Majorca it ist time to look for a suitable outboard engine.

Being reluctant to believe that 25 HP will be enough to glide a 17 footer with 6 persons on board as stated in the plans I would appreciate any comment of someone who went through a solid experience in this issue.

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by: Gerold

Hi Klaus,
Congratulations for finishing your project.

I´m still working on it, and it will take still a lot of months.

Could you show me a photo of the finished boat?

Hi Gerold,
by: Klaus

Building this boat turned out to be a great experience despite of some serious challenges to your endurance and patience.

My son and I finished it just in time to enjoy summery conditions in Majorcan protected waters last year.

We finally found a second hand 70 hp 4-stroke OB which works fine although 40/50 hp would have been absolutely sufficient (provided you refrain from using the rear seats).

Good luck with your own project.

construction progress
by: Gerold

Hi, I would like to ask you About your progress in building the sea rover.

Is 25hp enough?
by: Barb

I just finished restoring one of W. Jackson's Sea Babe, 13ft.

Very similar in design to you Sea Rover.

I consulted with two local boat builders and we all agreed that 50hp is just what we need.

Go from there with your additional 4ft.

Good luck!!

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