Outboard boat project

by David H
(London UK)

I want to build wooden boat Approximately 12 feet long.

I have an outboard that Is quite heavy so I was going to fix some buoyancy to the transom.

I wondered whether to make it flat bottomed or with a V shaped skeg.

I was proposing to use 3/8 marine ply ang some sycamore that I already have.

Any suggestions.

Thanks Dvid H

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Apr 19, 2016
Small boat, Heavy outboard
by: Dave S

Please read all of this!
Outboards are made with:
- Various Shaft lengths. (15 => 25 inch)
- Weights - Older = Heavy, Newer = Lighter
- Horse power ratings.

When building make sure you follow correct plans ensuring structural integrity.

I have seen over powered and weak transoms that led to disaster on the maiden voyage.

Make a boat with a well reinforced transom of proper height to hold the motor at the correct position.

Dave S

Mar 06, 2016
ouutboard boat project
by: Anonymous

Whatever about the outboard, sycamore is a totally unsuitable wood.

I would have to think hard to find a worse wood for boatbuilding.

Chipboard maybe.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and start in the right place, get some plans from a professional and follow them.

Much cheaper in the end.

Mar 04, 2016
by: Hugh

Change the outboard, light outboards with high RPMs go FAST!

Mar 03, 2016
outboard boat project
by: C Jarvis

David H,
It's about 5 45 in the morning here in BC Canada.

To start with a project takes time, flotation is the project the motor must fit the boat.

So find a plan that fits your budget.

Old motors use up a lot of fuel, start there so if you want speed find a speed boat plan

Is this for a lake boat or the ocean, for the sea you need deep v to take the wave action, flat bottom can be fun on a lake or river.

I have built a small kit hydro plans and yes I loved speed, to be on the edge with that bigger motor is a thrill but as the bow dips into a mere ripple on the lake, you and your partner will become air born you learn.

So pick your plan for what you want, fishing small motor, like speed head out to Pensants on race day in October but enjoy your project.


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