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More woodboat restoration questions

Woodboat restoration questions

More woodboat restoration questions

woodboat restoration questions

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Sea Rover finishing 
Hi, I am building the "Sea Rover" by William D. Jackson. Can you tell me were I can get Pictures of this boat for details an finishing. Best reguards …

Is this $400 boat with a twist in the keel a bargain or firewood 
I saw a boat, motor (that also needs some work) and trailer going for $400. The boat definitely needs some work. This would be my first boat …

Would like to know more about a Coast Guard 26 foot cabin launch from the 1930's 
We are in the process of restoring a Coast Guard 26 ft cabin launch which we believe was built in the late 1930's. It was used to service the surrounding …

63 Chris Craft Ski Boat windshiel install 
I am re-installing my 63 windshield and I would like to know if glass setting tape is used on this boat. The windshield panels are glass but I am pretty …

Sandy Bottom 
Hi. I just bought a 1963 Owens Cabin Cruiser. She has been in a barn for 30 years. I want her floating in 2 weeks. What is the best method for …

I have a few questions concerning a old century I have. First, the motor in the boat is a Chrysler marine flat 6 M46. I was wanting to convert …