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Is it possible to retro fit a keel box to a carvel hull Couta boat?

Sloop Restoration, Keel Repairs

Chris would appreciate any advice on "Salotean’s" keel problems.

She is a former wooden lifeboat built by Harland & Wolff in 1946.

Scott is looking for advice regarding the purchase of a 1957 Century 18' resorter with a Nordberg straight 6.

What brand of caulk and application suggestions 1955 lyman 16 foot lap streak plywwood?

Sloop Restoration, Keel Repairs

Sloop Restoration, Keel Repairs

I welcome all input.

Did the 1954 Centurey Resorter originally have a 6 volt battery?

cold moulded mahogany strip, epoxy or no epoxy?

Cold moulded mahogany strip, epoxy or no epoxy?.

separation of polyester fiberglass shell

How to repair signs of separation of polyester fiberglass shell over hull?

'56 Penn Yan Swift restoration

Help and advice with transom repair wanted by Jared.

What's the best way to repair small cracks along the seam of Wooden dinghy?

Lou would like advice on restoring a Melonseed.

Does anybody have pictures of original look for a Elgin 1959 14ft deluxe runabout?

14 foot clinker RNSA sailing dinghy

What to do with a 14 foot clinker RNSA sailing dinghy that has been sandblasted to remove old paint.

'56 Penn Yan Swift restoration

My father and I are in the process of restoring an old '56 Penn Yan Swift.

We are amateur's at best but have been enjoying the project - before sinking any more money into it I want to see how reasonable this undertaking is.

1953 14ft Wooden Runabout.

Jeff would appreciate any help or guidance on the restoration of his 1953 14ft Wooden Runabout.

plywood boat that my father built in the 1960's.

Almut would like advice on refinishing the little plywood Sailboat her father built in the 60's

Josh would like advice on inspecting and tightening clinker fixings on a lovely but old 26ft Owens Sea Skiff.

70 years old sailing boat wooden keel.

Luca has problems with the state of the wooden keel on his 70 years old sailing boat.

Mark’s 1949 Century plywood hull boat recently developed 3 areas that leak.

Jerry would like some advice about his “1976 Celebrity” winter project restoration.


Bill would like some information on how to Scarf the bottom of the Sitka Spruce Mast off his Choey Lee Sloop.

1956 Monk 40 Ft Bridgedeck Motor Yacht

What is the best material and method to seal the planks of a Mahogany Cabin on a 1956 Monk Motor Yacht?

Plywood boat seam restoration

Robert is hoping someone can advise him on sealing the seams of his plywood Mirror.

Can anyone help Wade with information on his15ft “Borum Star Chief”.

Tresta 2

Steve would really appreciate some advice, please, on the caulking on his 1907, Clyde built “Tresta 2”.

20' Lapstrake Grew Cruiser

Tom is looking for any information or advice he can get about the restoration of his 20' Lapstrake Grew Cruiser.

Wayne is looking for advice on Repairing/Replacing the Stem on his 1964 24ft Chris Craft.

12 ft, lapstrake skiff “Heidi”
Jon is looking for advice about caulking his 12 ft, lapstrake skiff “Heidi”

Bob wants to know how he can stop his transom from checking.


Nick is looking for suggestions as to how to replace the rudder on his Beer Lugger

Paul would like to replace 12 inch wide, rotting wood seats with lumber that will be able to withstand the elements, any suggestions would be appreciated.

1949 William Atkins Double Ender
Ben is seeking help and advice on restoring a 1949 William Atkins Double Ender.

John wants to fill in some seams on his wood strip mahogany wooden trawler.

Barb’s "new" windshield doesn't lay flat because the bow deck has a pitch.

Has anyone had this situation?

How did you get a good fit?

Jon is looking for advice on replacing the ribs on his 23ft gaff rigged cutter.

Lisa wants to know if she can still get parts her 1958 22 HP Scott-Atwater motor?

Scot has just acquired a beautiful looking 1959 Century Resorter and needs some advice on getting her back into good order.

Is this $400 boat with a twist in the keel a bargain or firewood

Is this $400 boat with a twist in the keel a bargain or firewood?

1963 Greavette, Executive Model, Shelley Ann;

Is this the early stages of rot on the 1963 Greavette, Executive Model "Shelley Ann"?

1961 Cruisers M202

Elaniece would like some advice on restoring this 1961 Cruisers M202 project boat.

Mike has questions about the restoration of his McKenzie Drifter

Jason is concerned about splits and cracks appearing on his 18" wooden clinker sitting on a trailer in his drive way.

Mike needs advice on reinstalling the windshield on his 63 Chris Craft Ski Boat.

The splined seams of Allan’s 30ft sloop have opening after drying out, should he worry about it?

Fred has a question about caulking his old classic boat built in 1947.

More woodboat restoration questions

Can you repair a 10" cut without refinishing the whole side?

What kind of preparation/sealer should Bernie use to seal damaged plywood?

Bob would like any advice on the repair or replacement of the transom on his wooden sailboat.

What is the best method for sealing the plywood hull of a 1963 Owens Cabin Cruiser?


Gene has a rot problem on his 18ft Thomson Lapstreak, any advice would be greatly respected and appreciated.

Can anyone refer Hugh to someone in Dallas/Ft Worth that is familiar with repairing a 1962 Century Resorter?

Woodboat restoration questions

Woodboat Restoration Questions

More woodboat restoration questions

Dave wants to know if he should replace the canvas when replacing the decks of his Chris Craft.

Dan is wondering the best way to remove the fuel tank from his Owens Sea Skiff for cleaning.

Michael wants to know how to add new ballast to a wooden sailboat.

What is the best way for Terry to free up a frozen stopcock on his Ticon30

I am about to prime my boat, is it alright to use hempel under water primer all over the boat?

Lyn need's advice on the transom repair of a 1963 Thompson Sea Lancer.

George is wondering if "Glovit" will cure the leaks in his 1955 16' Pen Yan Commander

David is looking for advice on replacing hull planking on his 1956 Century Resorter.

Should small cracks in the transom of a 1956 Peterborough be caulked or glued before varnishing?