My Grandaddy's boat

by Leslie
(Crawfordville, FL USA)



Hey y'all.
My Grandaddy used to build boats.

He & his brother had several boats that he built out of wood for their business, which was taking fishing parties out.

I have his hand-drawn diagrams for the last boat he built & I want to build a model.

I've read a lot of articles online about building a model boat & I've talked to a few people that have experience in boat-building but I'm still a little intimidated.

I've built other models out of plastic but this is gonna be built out of wood, just like he would've done.

There are two drawings; one of the side & the "birds-eye" view & the other is of the supports (I think).

I've traced the drawings (I have them in big frames) & I reduced them down a little because I don't want the model to be the same size as his drawings.

I tried to do a kind of practice run using cardboard & card-stock; I'm not sure if I'm doing things right or not.

For instance; if what I think are the supports, I'm not sure if I need to cut them as a whole single piece OR if they're simply support beams that I'll need to attach together.

I'm going to attach the plans and a picture of Grandaddy's last boat & I'd appreciate any help I can get.

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