PM-38 MADE OF Military Grade FIBERGLASS SHEETS Jet-Boat!

by Matty
(Cooks Forest, Pennsylvania USA)

I am well on my way to build two of these style boats with a jet-ski engine as apposed to an outboard.

My fiberglass is from a military runway repair surplus.

The material is not hard to work with however the shards of glass are bothersome at the very least.

I want to either laser cut or CNC / router cut out my pieces.

I purchased the "plans" but they do not transfer well to a CAD design based on my skills.

Does anyone have the AutoCAD file to layout my design to have cut by a PRO?

Or a better file that I can submit to the PROs.

I hope to be in production in no time flat.

If this works watch out 38 hour timeline!

Thank you for your consideration.



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