From garage floor to trailer

by Rick

Almost done building my 18 ft cruiser.

How to get it from its cradle on the garage floor onto a trailer?

I can get it out of the garage I think, but then have to hoist it up somehow.

Full keel sailboat, weighing around 2000 lb., beam 6 ft.
Gantry crane?

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Dec 13, 2022
blocking underneath
by: John Howard

The method of blocking and jacking is the way to go.

I watched a youtube video of Louis Sauzedde doing this method to lift his boat off and on his trailer.

It's really simple.

It uses two supports at the transom and a jack under the bow area where the keel is in good shape.

You lift the rear of the boat first to take the weight off the support, and then the bow, and then move your trailer or cradle forward or backward until the blocking will need to be redone because of interference from the trailer or cradle cross bracing.

You gradually move the trailer out as you set solid blocking underneath, and reverse the process to put a trailer back under it.

Hope this helps.

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