Building a MacNaughton 22' Shilling

by Ron

Hello everyone,

I am a retired, 62 year old guy trying to get back into sailing and I am very interested in a 22ft Shilling ( but quite unable to do such a job myself.

The lines of that small boat are lovely and a Chinese sail is just what I would like to have.

Does anyone know a boat building firm in the US that would be prepared to do the job for me?


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by: Mike

As you are in Belgium it might be worth checking out François
Vivier’s boat plans.

Thanks Annie
by: Anonymous

Hi Annie,

I'll have to think this one over very very carefully.

At one time I was a member of the JRA, I will renew my membership an check thing out.

Thanks for your support but I'm not convinced yet.

I'll buy the study plans of a Shilling just to see what I would be getting myself into...

Best regards


Of course you can
by: Annie

Hi Ron - why do you think you are quite unable to do the job yourself?

I'm the same age as you, and building a plywood/epoxy boat myself. By myself.

I'd only ever built a dinghy before. (

It's not easy and many a day I end up with my head going round in circles, but it's moving forward and I'm happy with what I'm achieving.

The thing is to take it one job at a time - "today I'm going to draw out a bulkhead; today I'm going to cut out a bulkhead; today I'm going to stand up that bulkhead".

If I'd ever said to myself "today I'm going to start a boat", I'd have run away in panic.

But it is taking a long time and a lot of self-discipline to go to 'work' every day.

For inspiration, have a look at the Junk Rig Association website, where you'll find someone has built a Farthing.

Best of luck, whether you buy or build.

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