Insulating the top (sun exposed) of my house boat

by Ty
(North Carolina)

The top of my houseboat is 1/2 inch pvc panels / what is considered a good method to insulate the sun exposed top area (approx 60 sf) to get a good R value ?

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Apr 10, 2024
House Boat Roof
by: Al

Several methods can be applied to insulate the roof of your houseboat:

1) Foam Insulation Boards: These are lightweight, easy to install and provide a good level of insulation. They can be fitted underneath the PVC panels.

2) Spray Foam Insulation: This is a very effective method as it both insulates and seals, blocking heat and cold from passing through. The R-value depends on the thickness of the foam applied and the particular product used.

3) Multi-layer Insulation: This uses a series of reflective films and spacer materials to create a barrier against heat transfer. This is commonly used in construction of marine vessels and spaceships.

4) Insulation blankets or Batt Insulation: These are pre-cut sections of fiberglass or rock wool insulation. They can be installed in between the roof structure, but must be properly encapsulated or it can absorb moisture.

5) Radiant Barrier: If heat from the sun is a specific concern, a radiant barrier could be a good idea. These barriers are sheets of material with a reflective surface that reflects radiant heat back to its source.

Remember that ventilation is key in any insulation process too. Proper air circulation will help your insulation perform better and help prevent moisture build-up.

But before you proceed, you should check with a professional who is familiar with houseboats since there could be structural issues or other factors that could dictate which method is best for your particular boat.

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