hull building

I am ready to start building the solar house boat I have designed.

I have gone with a hull shaped like a jon boat.

I am building it out of wood and want to "skin" it with 3 layers of fiberglass/carbin fiber.

My question is this: can I layer 2 woven fiberglass with 1 carbin fiber (on top)togeather or do I need to stay with the same on 3 layers?

I like the look of carbin fiber and not needing to paint it.

But will pay for the carbin fiber to do 3 layers if need be.

If anyone wants more info on my boats systems leave a request in a reply to this post and I will gladly post them.

See "Gone Green" by Richard

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going green by richard
by: j jarvis

Hello Richard,
When it comes to green it mean just wood, as soon as you ad a petroleum product its no longer green.

But if your looking for a product that cheaper than carbon fiber and much stronger, check out the Lotus (ECO Elise) its made of hemp and sisal.

by: Mike

You can mix and match as much as you like.

In fact, it is common practice to use the cheaper glass cloth to build up the layer and the more expensive carbon fiber on top for its strength, rigidity and abrasion resistance.

Stiffness can also be increased by aligning the weave of layers in different directions.

Just beware of any ‘Amine Blush’ forming between layers.

Sounds like a wonderful project,

Best wishes,

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