How to build a simple Trimaran

by Darryl

Does anybody have any simple plans to build a 35' to 40' wooden trimaran?

I am in the Philippines, so am limited with rigging and sailing gear.

So I am happy to start with just a motorised boat with the option of setting it up for sailing later.

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Mar 18, 2016
j jarvis advice
by: Anonymous

J Jarvis has hit the nail on the head.

This type of hull tends to change hands very quickly as the owners with more money than sense tire of them and buy something even faster.

A lot like sports cars.

You will almost certainly be able to buy something fitting your needs for a fraction of the cost of building and have the advantage of a proven hull.

However if what you want is the dream and the challenge, Then the very best to you

Mar 18, 2016
How to build a simple trimaran
by: J Jarvis

To start with Darrel, to find plains that the simple part.

If you’re on a budget, I would go with an open cat. two hulls, then build as you go.

Or go used, there have been forty foot hulls with new sails here in BC for less than four grand, with all new sails, and have seen them in the US.

My friend built a thirty-foot cat, he went with junk sails made in Thailand strong as steel and fast.

But whatever you do find a proven hull.

There are free plains but if you do the maths add up the sheets needed for one hull and go from there.

Good luck

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