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I just want to say that something is missing from every list of tools given by any builder, book, plan supplier etc.

I have asked friends and associates and none of them considered this tool on their essential list.

Still interested, good.

It will be one of the cheapest tools you will buy but I will state here that you will use it at least once possibly more each day if you are like me.

Is it some new wonder tool - no, is it high tech - no, is it expensive - no.

So what is this fantastic piece of equipment - hold your breath its a pair of tweezers.

What you say!

Yes tweezers - you will get splinters very time you go near your project and to stop having to run into the house every time make sure you have at least one pair in your toolbox.

You will not be sorry!

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by: Mike

Something else worth putting in your tool box, Magnesium Sulphate Paste.

You can buy it as a paste or make your own from Epsom Salts.

It is superb for drawing out those tiny hard to find splinters.

Just spread it on, cover with a plaster and leave overnight.

by: Mike

I've got one of those "Swiss Army" knives that someone gave my years ago.

I always keep it in my trouser pocket, partly for sentimental reasons but also practical.

Apart from the blade, screwdriver, etc it also has a pair of tweezers tucked into the end.

As tweezers go they aren’t the best but in an emergency very useful.

Fortunately however, it is the bottle opener that gets most use ;-)

Tool Box Items
by: Stuart Warden

You are so right, but I find tweezers not enough, I regularly had to run to my wife's sewing box for a thin needle to start the painstaking dig and tear of skin to get a deep splinter out.

I now have a needle in my workshop stuck in a piece of pencil eraser on my window ledge.

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