Make your own varnish

by GM John,

Here's the recipe - be sure to make a small batch and try it out - adjust to
your liking.

1 gallon

3 q, 1c boiled linseed oil

1 3/4 c turpentine

1/4 c pine tar

1 c urethane exterior varnish

2 to 4 oz japan drier (max 4 oz per gallon, per instructions)

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by: Anonymous

I think he means Polyurethane.

And the 1c is just a measurement used in the US for recipes eg 1 cup.

Varnish content
by: Anonymous

Whats the 1c ureathane stuff?

I don't know in UK what it's in.

By the way I can make great pine tar and can share the how to for free.

by: Mike

Have you looked at “Le Tonkinois”?

It’s an old Chinese recipe using Tung oil and is reported as having a natural resistance to UV light.

DIY varnish
by: Craig

Is there a commercial product that comes close to this recipe?

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