Salvaged/Secondhand Boat Interiors Wanted

by Mark
(Southsea, UK)


Having just brought an old 34' William Osborne (Osprey I think), I am now looking to refurbish it (Myself) so am looking for boat scrap yards that sell second-hand interiors.

Items such as mahogany cabinets, drawers, planks, galley units, fridge, sink, head items, shower cubicle, seating (leather, internal & external)

I am looking to blend the old mahogany structure with swanky modern, space saving, units and appliances.

As I am new to boating and have one hell of a task on my hands, any and all positive suggestions would be appreciated.

I understand that boat interiors (Not forgetting the outer deck furniture) are custom made, but surely they can be cannibalised and made to fit with just a few modifications?

Does nobody remove this bits like you would with a car seat for example or camper van kitchen unit?


PS. Best DIY DVD or Book/Manual

Can anyone tell me if there are any good, step-by-step, restoration, DVD's out there (Book/Manual) too?


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Feb 21, 2012
2nd hand interior fitouts
by: webabubble


I am also looking to see if I can fit my boat with a preloved boat interior fit out.

Did you have any luck?


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