7' Hughes Sportster Dinghy

by Michael
(United States)

Should I sell for restoration or create a planter with this 7' Hughes Sportster Dinghy?

I purchased this boat via Craigslist for my wife to create a planter with.

When we brought it home and saw the Hughes Sportster stickers I looked it up online.

I found it was an antique dinghy made by the Howard Hughes Aircraft Company.

Most likely from 1942 to 1944.

My question is should I offer it for sale so someone can restore it?

I'd hate to destroy a piece of history if someone thinks it's worthy of restoring.

OR should I go ahead and let my wife create her planter with it?

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Oct 21, 2023
Just what the boat doctor ordered!
by: Jennifer Lee

I'm looking for this exact boat after falling in love with it at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon today. Would you consider letting me purchase it off you?

Apr 09, 2016
7' Hughes boat
by: Lawrence

Hi,I own one of these boats.

Mine is a Sabot sailboat, it looks exactly like yours except it has a sail, rudder, a slot down the center with a vertical surround to allow the dagger to be inserted vertically.

It has a tag on the sail that reads; Sidney Sailboats, Venice, Cailf.

What I'd like to know did the Hughes Aircraft co. Make these dinghy and also sailboats, and sold to the public.

My sailboat also has the same decal that reads; Hughes Aircraft Co. Sportster.

If anyone knows anything about this craft, please respond.


Apr 20, 2014
Save it!
by: Walt

Hi Michael,
There are not all that many of these out there, and it has very interesting associations.

I believe the date to be more like 1947 to 1949, as I believe I saw an advertisement from Dec. 1946 announcing the debut of the Sportster.

I have one of these, too, in fair shape, but missing the original front and rear seats.

Also, the decals were painted over (rats).

Very worth saving.

Maybe list on WoodenBoat magazine's site?


Apr 10, 2014
fix it
by: Anonymous cal

Not every one wants a big boat but a nice tender that can be sailed

I sailed my tender more then I used my boat.

You could donate it get a tax brake but a flower pot looks like it could have a life.

Apr 09, 2014
Hughes Sportster Dinghy
by: Mike

Tell your wife that her plants would get seasick if she were to put them in that lovely wooden boat ;-)

I’m sure you could find someone who would love to do her up.

This "Fairey Marine Dinky" is a similar type of boat built in the UK at around the same time.

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