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There will come a time (wont there ?) when I finish the re-planking work on my clinker built ex-onboard lifeboat,I will then move on to re-designing and re-fitting the cabin.

I will need to buy the usual things ie cooker, sink unit, fridge etc but I would appreciate some help in the best space usage/design of the cabin.

Other members may know of some publications on the subject or just be willing to reveal how they did it.

Any advice will be put to good use

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by: cal

Cabin space, a diamond works the best put the fridge up so you are not braking the flow, stock under the seats.

Ask a chef aboard before you start.

Use milk cartons as object to move around.

If you are the chef cook bottle washer build to your height be comfortable in your galley.

We sell a product at the Worldly Gourmet, its put out by epiceauren its a thin cutting board will double as a sink top, they come in 50 shapes and sizes with blood line or not, reversible, knife friendly and impervious to bacteria, made in the IS.

I spend more time in the dish pit than not so make it your space, take time.


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