Can this boat be saved?

by Barbara
(New York)

I recently purchased a house on a lake in New York and in the enclosed crawl space - cement floor - under the house was a beautiful wood boat.

My husband and I pulled it out last weekend.

We can't restore it ourselves but would like to sell it as a project boat to someone who can.

But we don't know if it's in a good enough shape to sell.

I've attached some photos and would welcome any thoughts/advice.

It's a 14 foot "Little Rangeley" handmade in Maine by RKL boat works sometime, I believe, in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

The fiberglass coating - forgive me for my improper use of terminology - is coming off in many places on the outside and in corners on the inside.

Plus there is about a 7 inch crack that affects two of the wood strips on one side.

I'm thinking it needs to be completely stripped and refinished and the cracked strips replaced but I don't know if it would be worth anyone's while.


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Jun 08, 2014
think i found a boat will not know until the 11th
by: calAnonymous

It does not have a tender Barbra so if you have not sold it bie then put a price on it and we can talk


Think it can go in a box and be shipped.

I live in BC Ladysmith Vancover Island the boat I am looking at is in the USA 37 ft sail.

Jun 07, 2014
by: Barbara

Thanks for the feedback!

I guess when you don't know what you're doing, everything looks like a big job.

We'll be putting it up for sale.... any suggestions on pricing?

I can't find any others in this condition for sale on the Internet....

Jun 03, 2014
Not a dinghy!
by: Tery Haymond

This boat evolved for lake fishing usually with a hired guide who owned the boat.

A dream to row and a stable enough fishing platform, trolling or fly fishing.

This boat needs some work but not a lot.

It is worth a lot to the right people.

Keep it dry and ventilated.


Jun 03, 2014
this boat would make a grate tender for a sail boat
by: cal jarvisAnonymous

Barbara if your not into boats it will be a simple sell.

My daughter and I did up a twenty ft open sail boat in two weeks of nights, its not hard its a project.

Don't put flowers in it, gems should be worn.

Hang it in your living room.

There are colectors out there.

good pictures, what a find, keep it dry

Jun 03, 2014
Definitely Worth Restoring
by: Mike

Oh yes, Barbara, she is definitely worth restoring.

I know it’s hard to sure from looking at photos but she doesn’t appear to be in bad condition.

Not only is she a beautiful boat but a fairly valuable one too.

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