Hole in Fireball Hull

by Greg Madeya
(N.S.W. Australia)

I have a hole in a Fireball Hull forward near bow.

I can't access from above.

Hole is due to rotted wood.

How can I make a sea worthy repair?



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Feb 06, 2012
Fireball Repair
by: Mike

Hi Greg,

First thing is to cut away all the rotten wood, get right back to sound ply.

Then you could fit a patch as described HERE.

Clearly you won't be able to clamp the patch or it's backing plate so you will have to use through bolts while the glue sets.

The holes left by the blots and any small differences between the shape of the patch and the hole can be filled with a marine grade epoxy filler.

One of the many good things about the "Fireball" is that the panels have virtually no curve, which makes for easier repairs.

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