Toreto worms, salt water and a lap strake hull

by Jimbo Graves
(Lexingtion KY)

cricket at rest

cricket at rest

How long can I leave my 59 cc Seaskiff in the water in a canal in St James City FL before I need to worry about an infestation of toredo worms?

The hull is well painted but there are of course some nicks.

The house I am presently renting has a lift but the one I am going to for a month does not.

Thank you.

Jimbo Graves

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by: cal

Simple tricks like mike suggested,

No gaps even if you put them in fresh water they closes up the hole behind them.

If you are leaving the boat for a long time it's a small boat put a plastic slip on it fill with fresh water, if you use black plastic it will stop algae growth.

There's lots of info on the little buggers.

Apparently they came over with the mayflower not a local bug and they thrive on calcium like they eat cement I could go on but hey, try that!


by: Mike

Hi Jimbo,

She is a lovely looking boat.

I would suggest that before you move that you lift her up and slap some antifoul paint on those nicks.

The worms won’t destroy the boat within a month.

But the problem is that once they are in they can survive and keep on nibbling for long time, even when the boat is up out of the water.

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