Trying to ID my boat

by Kathryn
(Minneapolis, MN)

Hello, my name is Kathryn, I am trying to identify this boat we are planning on purchasing.

I attached the logo.

The info that was given to us was that it's a 1964 18ft.

It has one long seat in front and one long seat in the very back.

Burlap netting covering the all wood interior floor, sides, cabinet, and window, and turquoise/blue vinyl seats.

The window is wood and the top front deck is vinyl light blue/turquoise (grain like wood laminate?) and white.

The outer part of the boat looks like white fiberglass with blue at the very bottom.

It is being sold as a wood boat.

I did a little research and the logo being both Thompson of Peshtigo and Cruisers inc. is confusing me.

The information I found says that they only partnered in the mid 50's, but the Thompson of Peshtigo logo looks like the 1962 or newer one.

Any help would be appreciated

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