Restoration of a 1949 43' Wood Boat

by Don
(Eugene Oregon)

This boat has been out of the water for 8 years and is going to be transported from a dry climate to a humid climate.

How long should I wait and let it settle before caulking it?

And what type would I be using for the plank bottom and sides?

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Sep 19, 2014
by: Carl

Some photographs would give us a better idea of what you’ve got,

Sep 18, 2014
1949 monk
by: Don

I don't know enough to know what carvel planked is, I know it is wood planks for sure.

I will try to keep it out of the rain and undercover to work on and yes will strip off all paint and refinish after the caulking is done.

Sep 18, 2014
More Information
by: Michael

A bit more information would help Don.

Is she carvel planked?

Do you intend to do other work on her before caulking such as stripping back the paint?

A cruising type of boat would probably want cotton in the seams whereas a heavy, work, boat might need oakum.

Assuming that she is headed for Oregon will she be kept outside and will you be able to work on her over the winter?

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