Clinker built NorwegianTroll

by Chris F

We are considering buying a 1961 troll.

She needs a lot of TLC to bring her back to original condition, but she is basically sound.

We have been out on her, under engine and the boat is very stable under power, however she was not rigged to sail, having the mainsail missing, but has a bermundan sloop set up.

My question is, does anybody have any experience of sailing Trolls and how they handle in differing conditions.

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troll sailing
by: chris

Hi Tel
The Troll we were initially looking at,has now been sold.

Her name was "Gyda".

We have now found another Troll in the Netherlands.

The present owners just call her TROLL, but her name prior to this was "Traquility".

The boat is in fantastic condition and ready to go.

Thanks for the information which clears any lingering doubt I may have had in the Trolls all-round abilities.

Regards Chris

by: tel

Had owned a troll in 82,fine sea boat excellent sail,roomy as a liveaboard,as good a sailer as any plastic modern yacht..lovely boat...whats her name?

by: Mike

Hi Chris,
I'm sorry to say that I haven't sailed on a "Troll" but you only have to look at one to know that she is going to be a superb sea handling boat.

Their lines and the clinker construction are, I believe, based on Norwegian fishing boats, need one say any more.

And there have been quite a few other boats designed and built on the same lines, 'imitation being a sure sign of flattery'.

They are renowned as a safe, easy-to-sail yacht.

The long keel and the accommodation should make her a superb cruising boat that one could easily live aboard.

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