Hull # CAA-45-0018 Connie 1960

by Dave N

Hi, i have a Chris Craft Connie with the above Hull number.

I have checked with the CC Maritime Museum and this is correct.

These vessels numbers start 001-0056 only made.

I have the 18th, but can't find any one else with these hull numbers.

If any one knows of some one that has this, please let me know.

So far I have the only one left on earth.

I just hope that some one else has these.


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Jul 08, 2014
reply, update
by: Anonymous

Work is going slow but going.

We finished sanding one bulkhead down to bare wood, and finished up with the second and door frames.

We'll be finishing the bulk heads by end of next month.

Have you checked on the Chris Craft Museum for all documents for yours?

Thanks for seeing my site

Feb 26, 2014
by: CC Ranger

Going slow, we try to do work when this weather becomes warmer.

Were doing the fwd berth right now.

Had to take off the walls they were warped.

Pulled up some hatch covers checked the bilges out.

Its coming along slow but steady.

Have you been working on yours?

Feb 26, 2014
my 1963
by: Anonymous

My 1963 42 is CCA420154, hows your work going?

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