stripping wooden decks to reasealing

by Adrian Arquati
(Emsworth Porsmouth UK)

The decks are pine tgv which have what looks like to to have been covered in a resin soaked material.
This has cracked in places and rain water has been entering inside.

I intend to remove the covering as my first major job all will be reveled I will let her dry out and then?
Do I seal gaps?
Resin coat?
And then varnish?
So your.
Advice and help plz

“Enola” >>>>

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Dry boat
by: kornorstone

Keep her wet or don't let her be out of the water to long.

Do the hull work now and put her back in asap as the wood will begin to shrink and caulking seems will expand.

If her bottom checks out just scrape her down repaint and re-splash.

Don't let this beautiful boat ruin herself by being out of the water for too long.

That is the first and foremost piece of advise you could receive at this time of the operation.

pine decks
by: cal

Pine from BC is cheep like margine and its shiped to Britian not the best decking but cheep.

Most used on our coast is hard wood my favoite yellow seedar.

Like pine srub with duch and salt water comes up like new.

Power whashing will leave you with a mess.

Siperlex the seams, we used hot tar but we have moved on.

Nice boat hope that helps

thank you mike
by: Adrian

Started to jet wash yesterday from the stern.

Very little mud and crusty stuff but already looks like a full strip back to wood as it is peeling and my ocd won't not let me not do it.

50 feet of "Enola's" hull below waterline looks like 150 ft.

Rudders and propellers look ok and shafts will all need repainting I really appreciate any help and comments and will be around for quite some time :-)

Tongue and Groove Pine Decks
by: Mike

If she was a small boat of this era with tongue and groove decks I would have suggested that they would have been covered originally with painted canvas.

However, I shouldn’t think that a magnificent vessel such as "Enola" would have been treated that way.

You are quite right to want to remove whatever it is that is on there now.

Could it have been epoxy and glass cloth?

If so it sounds as though whoever laid it hadn’t prepared the deck sufficiently beforehand, epoxy requires a dry, oil free surface otherwise it won’t last long.

Once that is off you will have a better idea of what needs doing such as filling gaps/seams.

However, you might want to look at "Coelan" as a possible coating ( ).


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