Wood Boat Winterizing

by Cap'n George

Does anyone know where I could find some informative material on how to winterize my 1962 30 foot Owens Empress Cruiser?

It has twin 283 engines and thru hull prop shafts and props but I'm not exactly sure how to do it.

You can reach me at macart@rogers.com


Cap'n George


Wooden Boat Winterizing
by: Mike

Hi Cap'n,

There is some general winterizing information if you click here.

How are you planning to store her?

Will she be out of the water for the winter?

Under cover?

Whatever you do don’t even think about ‘shrink-wrapping’ her, in my opinion that is a stupid thing to even do to plastic boat.


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30' Owens Cruiser
by: Dave S

Capt'n George,
I restored that same model in 1990 and still use it every summer(store it each winter). I assume you don't have heat exchangers?

So, with more than 20 yrs of winter storage experience I can tell you:
- Water System - Drain both hot water, and fresh water tanks, blow out the water lines.
- Pump out the sewage (holding tank).

- Engines - There are (3) things necessary for engine winter storage:
- Pour Stabilizer in the gas tanks
- Change the fuel filters.
- Remove the water pump intake hose and place it in a 5gal bucket (between the engines). Fill bucket with 100% anti-freeze.
- Run the engine while spraying the carb air intake with fogging oil until Green (anti-freeze) exits the exhaust. Turn-off engine. Pull the battery out.
This must be done to both engines.

Spring Launch - Re-install the batteries.
Place a garden hose and water pump hose in the 5 gal bucket, turn on fresh water, start engine and collect the antifreeze from the exhaust.
Stop when the color turns clear.
The same antifreeze can be re-used for several years.
Note I do not remove the freeze plugs from the engines.
Leave the anti-freez in the blocks all winter.

Wood Boat Winterizing
by: Cap'n George

Thanks Mike,
The boat will be stored out of water in a covered slip with no shrink wrap or tarps of anykind so it should be ok.

I checked that link you sent, thank you by the way but it has very little by way of info for my specific concerns regarding the winterizing of my V-8 engines but thanks anyway.


Cap'n George

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