Unknown Barn Find - Please help indentify

by Eric
(Portland Oregon)

I got this boat out of a friends barn.

It is in good condition and I plan to restore it.

I would love to get any information about it.

Please help me identify this beautiful boat.

15'6" long, 37" beam, 2 hinged seats, lateen (crab claw) sail.

Thank You.

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May 17, 2020
Folbot Cayat
by: Gary A

I built one with my uncle when I was 14 or 15... 1970-71?.
There was a kit advertised in Field and Stream magazine... $19.

As another post says it included the ribs, seat backs with brass hinges, the stem and stern pieces, copper nails, waterproof glue, brass screws and decorative washers to hold the fairing around the cockpit and paper patterns for the plywood... also included one or 2 wooden double bladed paddles (or was that extra?)

Very rugged, stable... and on the heavy side.

Spent 3 summers on Long Island Sound.
Caught lots of striped bass from it.

The flat bottom made it so stable I could stand in it like people do these days on paddle boards.

Mine had heavy year-round use for 10 years... the plywood finally started coming apart.

If I built another one I would use marine grade plywood.

One of my favorite things to do was ride the bow wave of submarines entering or exiting the Thames river... when I was in the area and saw one coming (they were always on the surface when close to harbor) I would rush toward it (within 1/4 mile) and "surf" the bow waves which were about 5ft tall.

Folbot Cayat

Oct 04, 2015
Wooden Folboat from Kit
by: Anonymous

My dad built one of these boats from a kit circa 1970.

Folboat sold a kit which consisted of the 3 ribs, a few trim pieces and the plans.

I think it cost less that $50 but there were a lot of materials for the builder to obtain locally.

As I recall the bulk of the boat was cut from marine plywood and screwed and glued together.

The hull was fiber-glassed for strength and water-tightness.

We used it for many years at our lake house and even ran a few class II rapids on the Hiwassee River in TN.

Looks like a nice project for you.


Aug 01, 2014
Folbot Cayat
by: Eric

I repainted my Folbot Cayat.
Can't wait to try it.

Jul 08, 2014
Found it
by: Anonymous

Just found out - it's a Folbot Cayat

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