New Old boat owner

by Robert Montie
(14825 Stuart ct Gibraltar michigan)


I just bought a 1958 Chris Craft.

I am trying to figure do I calk or install a 5200 bottom on.

Sounds to me this may be the answer.

I welcome any suggestions, or who would I contact to look at boat for best answer.

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New old Boat owner
by: Anonymous

Enjoying all feed back, yesterday Rob from Kowaluty Marine spent 3 hours looking at my boat.

The good news is, I was told the bottom has been replaced before and also was told boat is in good condishion.

Rob told me to stay away from the 5200 system and said I just need to re plank and she will be good as new.

I can't wait to get started, getting everything in order before I start.

All in put is welcome.

by: Anonymous

Ok I just talked to him about this and he said NO to the caulk and the 5200

He said neither are pliable enough and will cause the planks or fasteners to break.

He said bedding compound only.... As the bottom swells and contracts the bedding compound will too.


by: Anonymous

Im pretty sure Brian is all about the caulk. ( I have pics of my son doing it with him last spring!)

But Brian is a purest for sure.

Im sure you may have seen our 1958 which is docked in the trenton channel right now!

You can find my hubby at

5200 Bottom
by: Mike

As long as you are not a purist and just want to enjoy owing a beautiful wooden boat I would go for the 5200 bottom.

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