Wood Treatment Method

It has been recommended to use glycol ethylene for wood rot treatment.

Is it o.k to use this on timber which has been glued with Balcotan or epoxy?

Can it just be sprayed on everywhere

Does it need to be watered down?

How many applications are off benefit on a recently rescued hull?

Thanks in advance

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Glycol wood preservative
by: Eddie

Suggest you look around the web for a post I read from a bloke in the USA Pacific Northwest who happened upon it by accident, did some trials and found it excellent.

Don't know what dilution he used but would be interested to know as I plan to start work on an old boat and would like to know how to use it, how toxic etc etc

Glycol ethylene for wood rot
by: Mike

The only form in which I have used this method is using car antifreeze.

I would imagine that that is fairly dilute already.

I did splash it around quite liberally with no untoward effects.

However, it is only going to be effective where it can soak into the wood.

So, where the wood is sealed, eg with epoxy it isn’t going to do much good.

The best way to use it is on the raw edges of sound wood after cutting away all traces of soft rotten wood, so that any spores in the sound wood are killed off.

See Wood Rot Treatment >

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