Shroud cable tension?

by Owen Peterson
(Everett, WA.)

I have had a number of fiberglass sailboats and over the years had become very adapt to setting the proper tension for all the support cables (forestay, shrouds, backstay).

But I have been told by a few people that the shroud tension is much less on a wooded boat.

And since mine also has wooden mast (main and mizzen) I have been told it should be even less.

Does anyone have any knowledge of just how tight or non-tight these cables should be?

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Mar 12, 2012
should be less tension
by: Owen

I did go online and after 3 hours of research contacted the Wooden boat school in Port Hadlock Wa.

They told me that indeed a wooden boats shrouds should be a bit looser then a plastic boats shrouds.

It depends in a number of issues, size, construction type, age, and other factors that can lead to the tension that should be used for any wooden sailboat.

A deck stepped mast is a lot looser then a keel stepped mast of course as they said the tension used on a plastic boats deck stepped mast would pull the mast right through the top of a wooden sailboats deck using the same tension...

Glad I did the research or I may have had a disaster on my hands!!!!

Mar 12, 2012
by: Ben

Depends on the boat, but in general I would say no.

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