Jake would like to know about aligning a '56 Century.

by Jake
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

My dad and I have a 1956 Century with a straight 6 Grey Marine.

My dad thinks the transmission and prop shaft need to be aligned.

Where can we find how to do this?

Google lead me here.

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Jun 10, 2014
by: cal

Old school is all done by hand.

Square it at the shaft, put clamp on welders chuck turn by hand if its out you will see it.

Shims may be needed if reduction gear is not in line if thats not it and its the prop a balenced prop can make all the dif in the world but like Mike said hard to say when you can't see it, try a picture.

Get an old retired enginer take him out to lunch pick his brians and wright it down.

Before I retired trouble shooting was what i did ship yards all summer work then back to school now I look at boats.

Good luck,


Jun 10, 2014
Shaft Alignment
by: Mike

There is a fairly comprehensive description here http://www.yachtsurvey.com/Alignment2.htm

But not specific to any boat type.

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