A Refastening Question

by Roger
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Have a 1960s Grand Banks 32 that needs refastening not because of obvious problems but because it's been 40 years.

In the interest of conservation of limited funds ( as I can't do the work myself) is it acceptable, to simply put new screws in without disturbing the old fastenings.

My goal obviously isn't a classic restoration but rather to have a safe secure hull.

There is no current evidence of problems but it's likely that after 40 years there's a lot of crevice corrosion in the existing fastenings.

Can I get by by adding new screws?

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Jun 20, 2013
Double Fastening
by: Mike

Hi Roger,
I can see where you are coming from.

Double fastening can and has been done.

Tim’s “Right Royal” was double screwed for strength.

However, I tend to be of the ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ mind set, and I’d be reluctant to drill more holes through the planks and frames without good cause.

You say that there is no obvious evidence of any problems with the fasteners unfortunately the only way to be sure is to draw some of them out and inspect them.

My inclination would be to do a random check on a few fasteners on the underwater sections such as garboards, chines and along the waterline.

If you still feel the need to double fasten make sure that you don’t mix metals or you will end up with problems.

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