1957 Youngquist Power Boat

by Richard
(Olimpia Wa)

I have been given a 1957 Younquist 28 FT power boat.

I don't know anything about it.

If anyone has any info on the boat or knows of anything I should be looking out for I would be very interested in in the info.

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Oct 06, 2017
My Youngquist Vikings
by: Anonymous

My 1st introduction to Youngquist boats was when my folks bought a 1957 31 foot 2nd hand cruiser in about 1963 called "Sea Six". It was an express cruiser which my parents first had an enclosed upper cabin added to and then a flying bridge. It had a single engine, a Chrysler Hemi Fire Dome V8.

In about 1978 I bought a 1966 Youngquist Viking sister ship, a 32 foot twin screw express cruiser with upper cabin. I kept the boat which was originally the Happy Daze and renamed the "Tygra" after our 2 sons, Tyler and Grant. I sold the boat in 1994 when I took ownership of my current Youngquist, Big Daddy, a 47 foot trawler completed in 1968. My parents had it built cor charter fishing at Westport, WA. After 5 seasons it was retired and returned to Youngquist's to be converted from a charter boat to a trawler.

I have great memories of hanging out on the Youngquist docks when Con was building boats and remember several of the old cruisers and charter boats that he built. I also have great memories of trading Scandinavian theme jokes with Con who never seemed to run out of material.

Somewhere I have a good collection of our family boats plus a few of other members of the fleet.

M. Stevens

Jul 24, 2014
I have a similar boat
by: Terrie

HI There,

I would love to know more about your boat..

I have a youngquist Viking from 1957, though she is 34 feet..she is currently moored in Chinook Landing after we moved her from Nickerson Marina in the ship canal last weekend..you can write me at fikshunal@gmail.com..

I would love to talk sometime

Jan 26, 2014
Youngquist Boats
by: Bob

Toren Youngquist, Con's nephew still works on boats and grew up building boats.

He has a shop on Lake Union.

Get your information from the expert source!

Youngquist boat repair at Youngquist marina on Westlake.

Feb 20, 2013
Looking For A Youngquist Vicking 27
by: James

I would love to see pictures of your boat.

My girlfriends Grandparents use to have A Youngquist viking 27.

We have been in search of one to put back into the family.

It was named the "WING DING" we have some pictures and 8mm film of them on the boat.

Email me at jmsholzem@gmail.com if you would send pics of your boat.

Or if you come across the boat we are looking for.
Thanks James

Jan 17, 2013
by: Richard

Thanks for the info.

I have been spending a lot of time on it and I really enjoy it.

It is very comfortable.

I am rebuilding the carb and hope to run it soon.

I pulled it and the hull was beautiful so I feel it was really well built.

Thanks again, Rick

Jan 11, 2013
by: Keith

Conrad Youngquist designed and built many types of boats however, their primary business was larger commercial charter boats and some smaller Coast Guard craft.

When they had time they built the Youngquist Viking model which was their pleasure craft and ranged from about 22 feet up to 36'.

They did not build very many as evidenced by the small number that have survived, the average wait time was approximately 2 years for delivery.

They were an extremely well crafted vessel typically white oak keels, sawn spruce frames and a combination of western red and Port Orford white cedar planking.

The planking was typically done in a wedge seam and batten style of construction with frames on 15" centers average.

They are much heavier and stouter built than similar boats of the era.

As to your question regarding zincs for the boat, you should review that with a qualified shipwright.

However, the general rule of thumb for me is less is more.

Don't forget the pencil zincs which are in the cooling system / heat exchangers of the motor.

Dec 16, 2012
1957 28ft Youngquist
by: Richard

I don't know enough about boats to answer if she is one of the early express-style cruisers.

Other than having a couple of little runabouts this is my first real boat.

I am having it hauled out later this week for an inspection.

Does anyone know where the zinks might be located, how they are attatched and what size I should use?

It is going right back in after the inspection and I would like to install new zinks at this time.

It is probably obvious that I know nothing about boats but I am determined to learn.

Thanks for any and all input, Richard

Dec 14, 2012
Conrad Youngquist
by: Anonymous

She will have been designed and built by Conrad Youngquist in Seattle.

But I'm sorry, I can’t tell you more than that.

Is she one of the early express-style cruisers?

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