Supporting the cabin top

by Marlene
(Indialantic, Florida)

The curved beam that supports the cabin top from the underside (inside the boat)split.

Epoxy has been put to seal the gap caused by the split.

I worry that the cabin top has been comprised and want to add further support.

If I were a better craftsman I could cover the beam by fiberglassing it to the top.

Is there another solution? My boat is a wood/epoxy 35 foot tri.

I know this is a DIY sight, but if someone lives near central Florida or knows someone good with this kind of work I'd sure appreciate a consult.

Thank you.

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Deck beam
by: McKee

Sounds like its time to take a pattern, and make a new beam (either via lamination or cutting/shaping from solid stock).

Remove the old beam, pre-drill the holes from bottom to top, tack it in place with some small fasteners, and then screw & glue from the topside.

Also I wonder why the beam has split.

Poor material choice or bad craftsmanship or is there something more profound happening elsewhere in the boat that is subjecting the cabin top to stresses that it was not engineered for.

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