Free Sailboat Plans

A selection of some of the Free Sailboat Plans (pdf) that were published in magazines such as “Popular Mechanics”, "Popular Science" and the "Boat Builder Handbook".

If you need help with lofting out the plans click here for an article here which should help.

Open/Dayboat, Free Sailboat Plans

Hobby Kat

Everyone who digs boating has heard of the Hobie Cat, the sleek little catamaran that burst on the scene and captured the attention of all the fast-action sailors.

hobby kat free boat plans

Marked by asymmetrical hulls and special trampoline supports, the Hobie can reach speeds above 20 mph and perform with a rare agility.

But it has one drawback.

It costs mucho dinero.

Thus, we introduce the Hobby Kat, sailboat plans, a build-it-yourself version of the “Hobie” that should cost from half to a third of the commercial version.

If you have the moola, of course, go for a Hobie and have the time of
your life on the water.

If not, try our Hobby

The homebuilt is not quite the same.

But she sails sweetly and fast—qualities which have made the “Hobie” popular

Even in a light air she’ll slip through the water at a fast clip.

She has no centreboards, leeboards or keel, and needs none.

The inside of each hull has built-in lift, like an airplane wing, so that as the boat heels and one hull digs in the boat is pulled back to windward.

She can run in very shallow water and the rudders kick up for beaching.

You can carry her on a trailer or even disassemble her.


tern free boat plan

Many a “stink pot” addict will take a second look at Tern because she planes in modest breezes, is easy to handle, and her streamlined prow arid pod-shaped, “inland scow” type hull offer slight water resistance.

Then too, there’s a charm about the tiller of a sailer that’s not matched by the wheel of a motor-powered boat.

Part of it is the challenge of making the most of nature’s free-wheeling breezes.

Even with her 72sq.ft of sail, this Free Sailboat Plan is remarkably stable, and packs as many as four persons aboard

For thousands of inland lakes, Tern is the answer to sailing water sport, she is rugged and easy to launch

And she’s remarkably easy to build.


sailboat plans

Falcon is a small, speedy, sporty sailboat which handles well.

Tests on the original Falcon showed that she could easily out-distance boats of comparable size such as the one design class Snipe and Comet sailers.

And she will pace neck and neck with 18 footers with considerably greater sail spread.

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This strong, beamy, eight-foot pram may be sailed either cat-rigged or sloop-rigged.

The dagger-board may be adjusted forward to balance the helm when sailing with the addition of a jib sail.

Oars or a small outboard motor may also be used to power this versatile Free Sailboat Plans.



Dart” is a small two or three person sailing craft, designed for use on protected waters such as bays. lakes, rivers or wherever sheltered waters are found.

Its construction will repay the builder handsomely and provide a fast sailing craft, light in weight, easily transportable and cheap to construct with all difficult joinery eliminated

It provides thrilling and economical sport.



The 'Crescent', designed by C. T. Allen, is the ideal sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay.

Centreboard design (Fig. 2) reduces Crescent's draft, so Shallow is not a problem.

Its broad beam of over 5½ft. makes it an ideal family boat because there is room for a cockpit large enough to accommodate four adults or two adults and three kids, and side and forward decks big enough to stretch out on when sun bathing.

"Jewel" is a 16' Crescent Sailboat being built by Mike Allen from the free sailboat plans by C.T .Allen in the 1958 "Boat Builders Handbook".

And what a superb job Mike is doing check out his photos here.

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graefin 10

Sailing enthusiasts and backyard boat builders are not likely to find free boat plans for a sailing pram that can be built faster, lighter, stronger, or less expensively than Graefin-10.

Two men can begin work on a Friday evening and have a smart, lively 10-ft. 85-pound sailboat in the water by Sunday evening (it’s been done).



Zephyr Is a refinement of a type of boat developed by the English for use in the rough open waters of the English Channel.

Not only is it fast under sail, but it can stand up under punishment.

And it’s light enough to be easily loaded atop an auto or light trailer.


breeze baby

Skimming off a brisk wind or with the wind abeam, Breeze-Baby actually planes with one person aboard.

Despite her rowboat lines that make her easy to build, she handles easily under her simple sail, an ideal first boat.

Simple lines are adapted to plywood construction that’s strong, light and that keeps Breeze-Baby’s bilges dry

You can take her with you atop your car or on a lightweight trailer for summer fun wherever you vacation or get in a week-end’s sailing.

Cat’s Paw

cats paw

Cat’s Paw is easy to build because of the straight-sided hulls.

The sheer line is flat and that simplifies building the form.

Bow and stern are straight, so there’s no cockeyed bevel to fit and fuss with

She Is an Ideal boat to learn or practice sailing in because she will forgive so many mistakes.

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Cabin Cruiser, Free Sailboat Plans


free sailboat plansYou can build this 16ft boat as a day sailer or an overnighter with cabin.

Petrel is a Free Sailboat Plan that fulfils the greatest possible variety of uses in one model, offering the builder either an open-cockpit racing craft with comfortable accommodation for day sailing or a snug cabin model with accommodation for overnight trips to distant points.

Both versions are constructed from the same basic Sailboat Plans and either model possesses unusual seaworthiness, stability, trim attractive lines, speed, and ability to handle well on all points of sailing.

Click Here for the Plans

Blue Moon

blue moonBlue Moon is a 16’ cruising sail boat that despite of its diminutive size, sleeps two conformably on 6.4 foot berths.

And there is sitting headroom in a cabin that has space for a chemical toilet and a small stove.

This is a simple Free Sailboat Plan to build, using lumber and plywood available in most lumber yards, and hardware and fittings that can be found in any large hardware store.

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Gypsy Is a proven motor sailer that will out weather the best of the ordinary large or small cruisers.
Gypsy free sailing boat plans
The original design was sailed some 6000 miles in all kinds of weather under all manner of conditions, and been out hundreds of miles from the coast line on the Gulf of Mexico and weathered blows that caused quite large boats to seek shelter.

Over a period of six years the original design was tested and improvements made to make this sailer smarter and even more seaworthy.

All of the good points of the original design were retained and everything that was learned and tabulated during its period of usage that would make operation and performance better was applied.

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Sporting an overall length of 27½ feet, Star-Lite accommodates four persons in 6’-4’ bunks with enough space for a private head and a working galley.
sailboat free plans
Star-Lite is a proven design, Improved slightly from the first ship built and tested in Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River and the Gulf.

She Is a stiff and able sailer, good for anything from an afternoon’s sail to a 3-month stop-and-go trip around tropical isles.

Every nook provides storage space for clothing, wet weather gear and food supplies.

A 30gal tank under the aft cockpit stores fresh water. Interior space and accommodation are close to those found in the usual 34ft sailer because of the short forward overhang.

Since Star-Lite Is primarily a sailing ship, you’ll need only a small (and economical) auxiliary engine.

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Here’s a small, shallow-draft sailing craft which combines sea-worthiness with economy and, with power, will make moderate speeds.
free cruising sailboat plans
There is sometimes a need for a seaworthy, small sailing boat of very shallow draft.

The “Southwind” is a Free Sailboat Plan to fill this need at relatively low cost and with little labour.

The old round-sided sailing dories of New England, and the Sea-bright Skiffs of New Jersey prove that the flat-bottom may be combined with rounded topsides to make a seaworthy small boat.

However, these are usually rather narrow on the bottom and thus can carry only a small area of sail, so to make “Southwind” faster in summer weather her bottom was made wider and approaches the sharpie in proportion.

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