Graefin 10

by Will Simon
(Mount Vernon, WA)

I built this boat back in the '70s, and was generally pleased with it.

The one change I'd recommend is the addition of a skeg; the boat tended to wander all over the place when being rowed.

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Both bow and stern sides are shown too short
by: Jerry Ferraro

I'm in agreement with other person who stated same.
I calculated the side measurement for the stern plate is 3/4 of an inch; the side measurement for the bow is short by 15/16 of an inch IF one assumes the drawing for the side panel is correct.

Graefin 10 mast
by: John Tait

The mast is aluminium. The magazine article has details.

Undersize Bow and Stern
by: John Tait

I've just made a paper model of this boat and I reckon the bow and stern on the drawings are undersized if you use the dimensions in the magazine article. Anyone else had this problem?

My Building log for Graefin 10
by: Michael

my Name is Michael, I'm from Germany and I have built the Graefin 10 3years ago.

You can find my Story at

Type Graefin 10 in the searchline.

I have had use 10mm cardboard cover with polyester cloth.

My project was succesfull And I would like to Share my Building log Here.

Unfortunatly I'm nötig alle to set a Link Here.

Look at the Date at the last Fotos.

I Hope you can enjoy!

Kind Regards!
Graefin 10

by: Mike

See the Plans here

Graef Marine Mast and sail
by: Anonymous

How are the mast and sail made on the graef marine?

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