How to Start to Sail

by Cal
(Ladysmith BC)

Boats that work, first starter was a sabo you call it a pram.

Then moved up to a flying Dutchman, safe fill it with water they just need balling, this is a plus, the sabo or pram sink.

Then move up to the OK dingy, was just speed and a lot of work as you age just to work the elements became my most enjoyment of sailing.

Find the wind, how close one can get to a cliff and find the draft or where the tied eddy's in the direction you are going.

I have tried a cat they are the ultimate for checking out the fish and crabs, also nice to camp on, fish as you sail, we would island hop for about a week and be in comfort, 26ft home built fast and safe/

With the small cats you must go out well prepared, cell phone in a bag, might save your life if you go down and its rough, you may not be able to right it up.

This has not happened to me but a friend gave up exhausted then remembered he had that cell phone, save three lives, think before you go out.


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