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If I can do it and all these guys and girls can do it, so can you.


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Over my many years of messing about in boats I have built them, repaired them, and renovated them. 

I'm just an ordinary guy doing it in my spare time. So You can do it too.

I am near the completion of my latest project the rebuilding of Mignonne.

So, I'm putting this resource together in the hopes that it will be of help to anyone else who is interested in wooden boats.

The aim is to make it;

  • Easy for you to find the advice and tips to make your project a success.
  • Save you time searching for the information you need.
  • And hopefully inspire you to get started on that dream project.
  • And I've even included some Budget Boating Tips from the budget boating expert, my Uncle Charlie.

Perhaps you dream of having a Cabin cruiser big enough for your Family holidays, weekends or even to sail the world.

On the other hand perhaps you would prefer a single seated kayak to explore the wilderness.

Or, a row boat for fishing. Whether you want a canoe, a row boat or a cabin cruiser there are hundreds of styles and designs to choose from.

They are all very doable for the home builder. Also there are many Wood Boat Kits available which simplify the building process for the novice.

However if you are planning that big boat it is always worth starting with a Small Boat project. 

Why not begin with a tender for your bigger dream boat.

Make a good job of that and you will feel much more confident about tackling that big job.

Glorious details will develop as you consider and reconsider your dream in the light of good advice. 

Seeing what others have achieved will help keep you focused.

And there are hundreds of people out there just like you creating superb boats from environmentally friendly Wood.

PS. Start building that boat and soon folk will be coming to you for advice and to admire Your Beautiful Wood Boat.

PPS. Got some advice you want to pass on? 

Got a blog you'd like to share? 
Use the Contact Page to share it.

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