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Jul 19, 2016

Anyone restoring a StauterBuilt boat?

I have been working on a 15-6 StauterBuilt Cedar Point special for about a year. I am near complete and have a lot of experiences both good and not so

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Jul 11, 2016

Canoe plans

Where would I find plans for a strip plank canoe 15'+/- 38 to 40 inch beam. Similar to the old Mansfield or the Osprey.

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Jul 08, 2016

hull building

I am ready to start building the solar house boat I have designed. I have gone with a hull shaped like a jon boat. I am building it out of wood and

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Jul 08, 2016

Diamond Plate Transom Bracket

I would like to know if there would be an advantage to adding diamond plate to each side of the transom where my motor will mount. Transom is solid but

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Jul 08, 2016

Gone Green

Hello, I am starting to build a fully solar powered house boat. Here is a list of some of the systems I will be putting into this build.2 48Vdc 2K

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Jul 06, 2016

12 foot sail boat from Mechinix Illustrated

When I was 14 year old, in 1953, my dad helped me build a 12 foot sail boat that I bought plans from Mechanics Illustrated. I would like to find the

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Jul 06, 2016

1960 Mason mahogany 20' outboard

My 1960 Mason had great topsides but the hull was rotted out below the waterline. In addition the transom was rotted as were the sides of the boat over

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Jul 05, 2016

2003 Glenn L Design, 23′ Tahoe (Mahogany Runabout Riva Replica)

This boat is a real head turner. As a beautiful mahogany runabout, it always gathers lots of attention. The boat was built by my dad. Hence the

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Jun 22, 2016

Sailing Yacht NINA

An historic yacht, that was bought in 1994 and restored completely within 12 years using the original photos and materials. One of the main goals was

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Jun 17, 2016

2016 Wooden Boat Show - Tiburon, CA - June 26

26th June 2016 The 23rd annual MMBA’s Wooden Boat Show The Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, Calif, USA View and board classic sailing vessels, meet their

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