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Jul 30, 2015

Sagstadt Boats

Does anyone have info on the Sagstadt Boat company, Seattle area? Especially info concerning a 32 foot fishing boat ?

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Jul 29, 2015

1963 century resorter steering wheel adjustment

My steering wheel has gradually moved from straight level to 90 degrees to starboard. How do I adjust it back to level again? Thnx

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Jul 26, 2015

1955 Whirlwind Stringer Repair

I have taken ownership of a 1955 Whirlwind. My father who has passed was the original owner. One of the stringers is cracked across it by the back

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Jul 24, 2015

how to remove windshield safety glass from teak frame

Need help! How do you remove windshield safety glass from a teak frame on a 1991 fortier 26. The bonding agent is unknown. Thanks Paul

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Jul 22, 2015

Clamps Anyone?

I appreciate this is a long shot but is there anyone in southern England who has recently completed a wooden boat project and now has a collection of heavy

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Jul 19, 2015

1958 22 'Chris Craft Sea Skiff Ranger

Returning the 1958 22 'chris craft sea skiff ranger to the original colors. Hull undercoat sides tinted # 59-106 ,marlin blue finish # 70-800 ..

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Jul 18, 2015

Is there a product available today called" tight and seal?"

My boyfriend is restoring his 1903 Matthews day cruiser. The top is wood covered with canvas and it needs to be replaced. It was previously done

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Jul 16, 2015

Restoring wooden keel on 24' Penn Yan Seabird

I have recently acquired 24' Penn Yan Seabird which has a fiberglass hull and wooden keel. I have spent some 40hrs restoring the topside, deck and varnish

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Jul 12, 2015

Medina Scow Dinghy. Plans and Patterns

An easy to build epoxy/ply classic design. Build time about 120hrs. Detailed building instructions and FULL SIZE PATTERNS. Coming SOON. Register your

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Jul 12, 2015

Putty and Red Lead

I am looking for the best alternative to the use of the traditional linseed oil putty with red lead powder and why it may be a better option.

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