Penn Yan Captivator

by Keith
(Underhill, Vermont)

Price: Free.
Sitting in a barn since 1972, solid boat.

Not sure what to do with it.

Was looking at the property for my sister-in-law, walked into the barn, saw the boat and said" Wow, nice old boat!"

The owner said, "you want it?"

I couldn't say no.

I need reference and materials on the boat, how to find serial number and all that and advice on where to begin with her.

Does anyone know the value of a boat in this condition?

Anyone in VT who is interested in restoring for me?

I'm no expert but looks in excellent condition with little wood repair needed.

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Jul 25, 2020
by: Anonymous

I am looking for the emblems that go on the side of a Penn Yan Captivator.

If any one has a pair please email me at

Apr 03, 2016
I have one available
by: Manny

I have one of these boats available if anyone is interested.

Call me Manny at 5089895766

Aug 18, 2015
Looking for captivator
by: Anonymous

My Son and I are looking for a Captivator to restore and own.

If you are interested in selling please call me at 404 401-3109 or

Thank you Bill

Jan 06, 2015
Serial #
by: Anonymous

I found mine on the center knee brace attached to stern on top of brace.

I had to send it downs bit to read it, it is not in the current format so I had to sweet talk the person at AR dept of finance that it really was the number.

She was about 22 and had never seen one like it, I took some pictures of it to show and she helped me read the numbers.

I heard there is a duplicate number somewhere near the bow.

There are no manuals I could find, found a sales booklet from 1956 on eBay and I'm using it to help sort things out current problem is finding someone who will duplicate the steering cables for me, mine are all but worn though

Sep 17, 2012
Penn Yan INFO source
by: Bruce

Log on to for Penn Yan info

Jul 05, 2012
captovator aristracrat 14;ft
by: Anonymous

Have the same penn yan (restored) this was the first lady's outboard run about, men not need to start(electric start) interested in selling.

It's like driving a Austin Healy 3000. 860 790 5035
Mike from CT

Jul 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Taking my big barn down and had no place to store her.

Sold it to a local boat restorer.

Posted on Craigs list and sold it over the phone in 45 minutes.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Jul 15, 2011




Jun 19, 2011
Are you interested in selling her?
by: Anonymous

Are you interested in selling her?

Apr 03, 2011
Penn Yan Captivator Aristorcrat
by: Anonymous

Your boat looks like the Aristorcrat model of the Captivator.

It was the top of the line which came with mahogany sides, upolsteried seating and front steering (yours has the original Penn yan wheel).

Yours looks original and is worth more that $100 in that condition.

I restored a 1957 Captivor with rear steering and white sides and it was on the front cover of Wooden Boat magzine in July of 2008 or 9.

That magazine is still available from woodboat with the history of Penn yan Boats.

I have a 1957 catalog with all the specs, they do come up for acution on Ebay every now and then.

I can not tell from your picture the year of your boat.

I live in Ct, but I only retore for my self.

Dec 29, 2010
Not necessarily good news
by: 1958 Sorg owner

Sitting in the Barn since 1972 is not necessarily good news.

Wooden boats were made to be in the water.

After 30+ years, the wood dries out and the seals crumble.

Soak, but don't drown, that boat before you do much with it.

Nov 24, 2010
by: matthew parobek

Maybe I am wrong but that doesn't look like a penn yan sieial #.

It would be on the leading edge of the transom brace.

The first two letters stand for the model the next two are the building material then the year in two numbers and the remaining numbers are the order in witch they were manufactured.

Strip tight construction means it it a double planker with a vulcanite core (no soaking).

Looks like a great little boat if the hull isn't rotted or damaged aside from the varnish and chrome in my opinion it is worth 1000 tops if you refinish it properly could be worth 5000 or more.

Good luck

Nov 17, 2010
Penn Yan Captivator
by: John MacIcer

You have made quite a find.

I have a 1954 Captivator, and you can find out a lot of information about your boat, and mine, on my web site at

You can also email me at .

Good luck!!!
John MacIver

Nov 03, 2010
Olde Bote
by: Craig

Looks like a fancy version of the 1947 "Larson Speed Runabout" I got a year ago.

Takes lots of time to refinish, and I'm only maybe half way done, but it will eventually happen.

Ain't nuttin like an olde wooden boat!

It's become something of a metaphor for myself, being that it's 5 years older.

Have fun!

Nov 02, 2010
Update. Found SN!
by: Keith

SN: TFK890
Captivator Aristocrat
14 x 62 x 26
54" bow deck
6" center deck
20" stern deck
Seat backs
Made: 1954

Nov 02, 2010
More photos
by: Keith

Here are more pics, at the end is my FJ.

I have a love for anything old, this boat has already got me thinking of it around the clock. Thanks for all the feedback already. Will keep you all posted.

Nov 02, 2010
Great news Keith
by: Mike

Having someone experienced, there on the spot is always better than trying to get advice by remote.

And having restored the Landcruiser you already have some idea of the amount of work involved.

However, I should warn you that wooden boats can be addictive.

Please keep in touch, we may be green with envy but we would still like to know how you get on.

Nov 02, 2010
by: Keith

I have a restored 1980 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser to tow this with, together they will make classic pair.

I have just hooked up with a guy from Maine who has done boat repair/restoration work and wants to be involved with the restoration (lucky for me). having experienced hands will ensure its done right.

Nov 02, 2010
Classic Boat Find
by: Mike

Wow that was a lucky fine Keith, a Classic Boat enthusiasts dream come true.

Then, to be just given her for free, I?m not surprised you couldn't say no!

It is always impossible to tell just from a photograph, but she looks to be in reasonable condition considering, I guess it must have been nice and dry in that barn.

Looks like the top sides just need a good rub down and a fresh coating of varnish.

She might, after all this time need some attention to her bottom.

And being a wooden boat she will probably take on some water at first until the planks have ?taken up? again.

There should be a manufacturers name plate somewhere which should have her serial number or it might be hidden under a seat.

Here are some other Penn Yan restorations you might want to look at.

Matthew found his Penn Yan Challenger tucked away in a garage.

Bob's Miss Ya Yah is a 14' 1958 Penn Yan Mahogany Captivator.

Nov 02, 2010
The Best Finds
by: Bill

The best finds are always in a barn..

That's where mine was!!!

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