by Bob Corson
(Smithfield, Maine)

Named after my Great Grand Daughter, it is a 14' 1958 Penn Yan Mahogany Captivator.

It is in decent condition but needs attention.

I am 78 years old and generally work on Ford Mustangs and so am not an experienced boat man.

I do need a side plank repair near the transom, just under the splash rail.

The so-called plank is 1-1/8" wide and 5/16" thick outer plank sets directly on a layer of plastic which is over 3/16" X 3" cedar on 7/16" oak ribs on 6" centers.

These are all sound except for the 5/16" outer plank. (only about an inch long piece is "punky"

This is directly under the splash rail, which I have partly removed.

I have long wanted a small three deck runabout that I remember as a kid...

It will be powered by a 25HP 1994 Mercury outboard.

My best to all,

Bob Corson in Maine

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by: Mike

Hi Bob,
It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

It sounds as though you've got a real classic boat there, a bit of a change from Ford Mustangs.

But from what you say, scarfing in some new strip shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you feel you need any specific advice please ask.

I hope you are going to send us a photo of both Miss Ya Yahs sometime.

All the best to you,


PS. It’s funny how those childhood dreams stay with you.

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