1947 Larson Speed Runabout

by Craig
(Bemidji, MN USA)

Larson boat company, Little Falls, Minnesota

Larson boat company, Little Falls, Minnesota

Blogging on the restoration beginning April 2010 at This Olde Bote A Norsk Saga

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tung oil finish?
by: Craig

Hey Mike,

I'm thinking ahead to when I have it all stripped down, and what sort of finish to put on it.

I've read about tung oil and wonder if I can use that on the entire boat.

I understand you put lots of coats of the stuff on, and there's a type that will add a sheen like on the bow deck and the sides.

Then I'd want to put on a good bottom paint that would stick after the tung oil has been applied?
Just up to the waterline.

If I use regular old wood putty to fill in here and there, will the tung oil finish those areas in a good way too?

My target to have it in the water is sometime in July.

Read more and see photos here >>>>

Woody Brain
by: Anonymous

It’s probably too late to warn you that there is no cure known to medical science for ‘woody brain’.

by: Anonymous

It's "steady as she goes"...!

Being a complete rooky at this type of thing, I'm having to learn as I go.

But the information here at DIY is sure a big help.

Takes a lot of dedication, I can see, to bring an old boat back onto the water.

I think you might have to be a bit "woody" in the brain. ;-)

by: Mike

Great blog!

I'm looking forward to seeing how she progresses.

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