Roon II

I will write more at a later date.
I purchased Roon II in 2010.
She is a 1934 Sparkman Stephens Ketch.
Actually I saved her from being cut in half...

Being a woman with such a boat has been interesting...
I did all the rig myself with help from my daughters... 46 eye splices of 316 1 x 19 wire ....

As a woman family is always a part of the responsibility... particularly if one is alone...

Daughters going away to college and needing help. Parents ill and getting older... the boat had to wait...over and over.
I long to work until she is ready alas.

I have been restoring my lovely Roon II for over three years... she is so close!
I do this all by myself!
I used to think I was handy hanging Christmas lights.
I now have a band saw- a table saw- I built my own work bench.
I still do not have a jointer planer- instead I use hand planes.... one day...

My boat is totally original.
She does not have DC running lights- she has her original lanterns.
I have pictures of her with the four families before me.
She is one of a kind.
She is on page 50 of "The Best of the Best" Olin Stephens designs.

My boat came with 300 original charts.
She sailed from New York to Cuba every year... so much history and I have it all.
I have her original sails... all hand made.
I have an autobiography of the man who commissioned her and he speaks with love for her.

I have documented everything I have done.
I learned how to make my own red lead paint, white lead paste, and I make my own "special mixture" for below water seams.
I have caulked all her seams..above water, below water and the deck.

I have learned so much over these last three years.

I am proud of what I have done.
I will send pictures soon... I just needed to let "someone" know that there is another woman who totally owns and restores her own pedigree Wooden Boat...


April Salem
Please wait until I have put together my marvelous pictures!
She is beautiful

Today I had to make my first block.
As Roon will apply for Federal Historic Vessel, I must keep all things coming from her.
This block needed much repair to the wood surrounding the shiv block for running back stays.
I took the innards and made a new block.
It is so pretty and it is the first time I have ever tried such a thing!

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by: Kris

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Like you, I have two children in college and am caring for aging parents and look forward to downsizing to live on the wonderful wood boat "Frolic" once she is restored.

Thank you for sharing the hands on experience and inspiration.

I look forward to the photos.

No Name Yet for Picaroon
by: Don Boufford

Well you certainly have done wonders for moving up! the learning curve so well!

Just wait til your splash down day - hope to see pics of that.

My Picaroon shows up on this site as I took delivery, in great shape except for the cosmetics which I have PRETTY WELL conquered-just final fibreglassing the cabin roof and painting same.

My problem is time, I also have a C & C Landfall 40, a 19 foot Matilda and a 19 ft speedboat that all demand attention.

Add my several sports cars and 4 daughters into the mix as well as an acreage and my days are long but I welcome the activity.

Keep me posted with your countdown and I will respond with mine if you are interested.

If you would rather communicate by email-I would prefer that- I am

by: Mike

Ahoy "Roon II",

We are eager to hear more about your superb work on "Roon II".

There are a couple of way for you to post updates.

You can submit another post using the form here and I will then ‘merge’ it with your original post.

Or, if you are having any problems with photographs (or text), you can simply email them to me (as attachments) at and I can do any resizing etc then add them for you.

Looking forward to hearing more,


by: Anonymous


I hope that both your and your daughter’s fingers have recovered from all that wire rigging splicing.

1934 Sparkman Stephens Ketch
by: Mike

What a superb project.

Well done you for rescuing her from the chain saw gang and having the courage and dedication to begin her restoration. The Best of the Best: Yacht Designs of Sparkman and StephensThe Best of the Best: Yacht Designs of Sparkman and Stephens

I’m really looking forward to seeing and reading more about the restoration of "Roon II"
In the meantime there are some photos and details of "Roon II" (Design 28) on the Sparkman Stephens Blogspot.



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