Just to bring the restoration up to date

by Don Boufford
(Picton Ont)

Don's Picaroon
This is Don the owner of this nifty wooden Picaroon.

Well best laid plans about finishing and launching have had some setbacks - too many boats; cars and other responsibilities have pushed back the launch date BUT NO MORE!

I have scraped and sanded and resin coated and painted and well you get the picture, there are a few more tasks like finishing the replacement of the roof and getting the undercoat on and then launch.

I have rented a mooring next to my Landfall 40 so both boats will be taking on Lake Ont. and the 1000 islands as of this May 15th - as long as the snow clears up or even if it doesn't.

The restoration wasn't a horrible task as she is in very good shape.

so it really was cosmetics and some other relatively minor tasks.

Part of the delay was also doing some significant recovery of the Landfall 40 due to a lift out issue which nearly had me with one less boat - - - - - another story.

I will post Picaroon pictures after the launch.

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by: Don Boufford

Well if we ever get to Spring I have a few chores to finish on?

One chore is to name her. and then it is ker plunk into near by Pryiners Cove, mark the waterline and paint same.

Unfortunately, if boat prices improve I will also be getting my C & C Landfall 40 for sale - not getting enough use outof her but what a gem she has been!

Any interested buyers - -ship them my way and any club members are invited to call me for a day sail on either ship - conditions and timing considered.

email - Ph-613 476 0385 or
613 920 9761.

Happy Sailing
by: Al DeForest

Nice to hear you're so close to launching.

What a great place to sail.

I've had my Lightning up there a couple of times and it was awesome.

The Sam Rabl book with Picaroon was my first boat building book and then I was hooked.

Happy Sailing!

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